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Ana Therese Dura


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“I like helping others. Caring for the elderly reminds me so much of caring for my own parents.”

Since Ana was a child, she dreamed of becoming a nurse.  She is one of our On-Call Coordinators and helps our hardworking caregivers and nurses work through any issues that may come up during their shift and with payroll to ensure everyone is getting paid appropriately for their time and dedication.  Ana is a registered nurse in both the United States and the Philippines and is one of our remote coordinators based out of Bacolod, Philippines.  She has focused her nursing experience on geriatric care because of the inspiration from her personal experiences caring for her elderly parents.  A caregiver herself, she helps her elderly mother with mobility daily and cares for her six-month-old baby girl.

Ana enjoys spending time soaking in the natural beauty of the beaches and mountains near her home, especially while enjoying a cup of coffee.