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Pamela Koch


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“One of the most rewarding parts of my position is helping our clients through supporting our caregivers who work so hard to make sure our clients are getting the best care possible.”

Pam is a vital member of TLC HomeCare’s Human Resources Department. She is responsible for finding new Caregivers through recruiting, screening, conducting interviews, and ensuring Caregivers are settling in with periodic follow-up check-ins. Pam has had a lifetime love for the elderly, growing up in a family where her grandfather was a pillar and her grandmother continues to be a huge influence in her life. She understands the frustration of being fiercely independent with a sharp mind while suffering deteriorating health. She has worked as a concierge at a senior living facility where she did everything from driving the seniors to church to serving meals in the kitchen. Now, she helps TLC HomeCare’s Caregivers feel appreciated and cared for through face-to-face appreciation events and recognition programs. She also acts as a point of contact for Caregiver support in addition to her primary hiring and recruiting duties. Pam has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Social Work.

Pamela Issenman