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About us

Finding top-quality home health care services is stressful. Many families don’t know who to trust with such a major responsibility. At TLC HomeCare, we strive to be Vermont’s first choice for these services. With years of combined experience, our team is dedicated to giving each client the gold standard in care. In everything we do, we remember this mantra: peace of mind for you, compassionate care for your loved ones. Don’t struggle with home health care alone—get in touch with TLC HomeCare and get the help you need.

Who We Are

TLC HomeCare is a source for home health care and all the services that go along with it. We serve people throughout the Vermont community, ensuring that they get the tender love and care they deserve. TLC employs certified nurses to oversee each client’s unique case. From the moment our team members receive their job offer, they embark on continuous training. Each new nurse completes a two-day orientation, and after that, they begin tailor-made training modules to ensure they provide the best care possible. In short, we’re members of the community just like you, and we care about our neighbors.

How We Got Our Start

Our story is nothing short of heartwarming. Sally Donde, the co-founder of TLC HomeCare, loved living in her apartment. However, as she got older, mobility got more challenging. One day, she fell and ended up needing rehabilitation. Despite needing quality care, she couldn’t access home health care. Fortunately, she knew a dedicated nursing school student, Mohamed Basha. Mohamed had often helped Sally during weekend trips, and now, he wanted to help her maintain her independence after completing rehab. Mohamed and Sally grew to realize that too many people don’t have access to home health care professionals 24/7, and the two decided to change that. Today, Mohamed and his team remain committed to round-the-clock availability and top-quality care.

What We Do

To cater to as many clients as possible, TLC HomeCare offers a comprehensive suite of services. We have your back, whether you need some short-term respite care or a home health professional in the long term. New and current clients are welcome to take advantage of the following services:

Long-Term Home Care:

Many people need help to live at home in the long term. If your loved one has just finished a hospital stay, consider our long-term home care offerings.

Nursing Case Management:

We employ highly-trained Nurse Case Managers to oversee every aspect of our client’s care. Our case managers keep track of any specialized needs your loved one may have.

Hospice Care:

Many people need help to live at home in the long term. If your loved one has just finished a hospital stay, consider our long-term home care offerings.

24/7 Care:

Medical emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours. That’s why we have nurses on call at all hours of the day. We also offer overnight care, so your loved one never has to be alone.

Respite Care:

If you’ve taken on the role of primary caregiver, we salute you! However, we also know that constant caregiving will take a toll on anyone. Contact us when you need a few days of respite care.

Medication Management:

Elderly people and those living with disabilities often have to manage several different medications at once. Our caregivers can help organize medications and remind clients to take them at the appropriate time.

Personal Care:

As we get older, taking care of daily personal hygiene becomes more difficult. Our nurses can help your loved one with bathing, grooming, feeding, and much more.

Companionship and Fun:

Quality healthcare alone is not enough without regular social interaction to keep spirits up. You can count on our team to provide much-needed companionship for your loved one, alongside our superb home care services.


Nutrition is crucial for people of all ages. Our team will help your loved ones prepare balanced meals that meet their dietary needs.

Transportation and Errands:

We’re glad to provide transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, and we can also help your loved one run errands around town.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia:

Caring for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia comes with a special set of challenges. Our team is highly trained to care for these clients.


Allow us to take care of light housekeeping! We’ll visit periodically to clean up around your loved one’s home or apartment.

Veteran’s Care:

Veterans face a unique set of challenges as they age. Look to TLC HomeCare for help navigating your loved one’s VA benefits.

Get in Touch with Us Today

If you’re interested in home health care for a loved one, don’t wait to contact us. Our compassionate team is excited to meet you and work with your loved one. We’re always looking out for our client’s best interests, and our nurses will create a customized care plan unique to each client. Contact us today to learn more.