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Home Care Through the Night in South Burlington

Do you or your loved ones need a caregiver overnight?  We have two types of overnight care depending on your need: Sleep-Overnight Care or Awake-Overnight Care. 24/7 Availability When a loved one needs 24/7 care, TLC HomeCare assigns a team of caregivers to the client.  Each caregiver is scheduled for a 12-hour shift and usually, 5 or more caregivers are assigned to the client.  This means we are confident that our caregivers are rested and ready to provide the right care at the right time. Sleep-Overnight Care Sleep-Overnight Care is appropriate when the caregiver can sleep 6-8 hours of the 12 hours in the home with few interruptions.  If this is the right care for you, a separate room with an appropriate bed, including a mattress and bedding, must be provided.  If your loved one needs extra care during the night requiring that the caregiver wakes up more than 3 times in the night, we will automatically upgrade that night to Awake-Overnight Care for your convenience.  This type of service can be stand-alone or in addition to daytime care. Awake-Overnight Care If you or your loved one needs someone to provide care through the night by staying awake for the 8-12 hour shift, this is considered Awake-Overnight Care.  The caregiver will be awake through the night ready and able to provide care.  This type of service can be stand-alone or in addition to daytime care. No matter what time of day or night, our team is ready to provide the level of care you need.