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Companionship Care Services in South Burlington

Addressing loneliness and social isolation.

Loneliness and isolation are often just as much of a concern to our health as other conditions. We go to the doctor, take medicine, and spend billions of dollars on healthcare in the US every year while a lot of us suffer from social isolation or loneliness.

According to the National Institute on Aging (NIA), social isolation and loneliness are two different things.  While a person can live alone (social isolation) and feel perfectly content, loneliness is a distressing feeling that can lead to lower immune responses and other health problems.  Loneliness affects the body similar to chronic stress.  This is especially true for our aged loved ones when they live alone or far from their families.

The prescription is simple: human contact. Someone to listen to, share stories and experiences, play games with, and hold your hand when you are feeling down. Companionship is an important part of care.  For trusted companionship care at home, we are there.

We can provide Companionship and Transportation care services when no other care is needed or in addition to other home care services.  We understand that everyone is different and provide flexibility in scheduling to meet individual preferences.  Here are some of the ways we can help with companionship at home:

Companionship can be as simple as having someone to chat with and provides the simple comfort of human contact.  Our caregivers love caring for people, it’s what they do!

Chore Services
Our caregivers can accompany clients on errands and other tasks.  They are trained to help with mobility and making sure you get where you need to go safely.

Grocery/General Shopping
Caregivers can provide companionship for grocery shopping or going to favorite stores for shopping and browsing.

Accompany to Appointments
Anytime there is an appointment to be kept, our caregivers can provide companionship.  This could be anything from the doctor’s office to the salon.  View our Transportation services for more details about Appointments.

Check-Up Phone Calls
Some clients don’t need a caregiver in their home every day, so our check-up service gives family members peace of mind.  When someone is always checking to make sure your loved one is having their needs met, you can be confident that there will be no gaps in care.

Recreational Activities

Helping someone enjoy some of their favorite experiences are some of our caregivers most rewarding experiences. A game of cards, a walk in the park, keeping you or your loved ones active and having fun helps boost morale and make life more enjoyable.

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