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Home Safety Checklist

At TLCHomeCare®, we understand that experiencing a fall can be a life­changing event. That’s why we’ve developed our “Focus on Falls” program, a unique approach that pairs our clinical expertise with patient education for you and your family to reduce fall risk by helping to address common causes of falls in seniors, including environmental hazards both inside and outside the home. Use this Home Safety Checklist to guide you through key environmental considerations to see where you can increase home safety and reduce the likelihood of falls in your home or that of a loved one. Check “YES” or “NO” for each item. Any “NO” answers indicate a potential need for changes to your environment.
Is the path from the bedroom to the bathroom well lit?
Are there grab bars near the toilet and in the shower and bathtub?
If you have difficulty standing in the shower, do you use a shower seat?
Do your bathmats have slip-resistant backing? Are spills cleaned up immediately?
Do you remove soap build up in your shower/bathtub to avoid slipping?
Can you reach soap in the shower without bending down or turning too far around?
Do you have a raised toilet seat if you have difficulty standing up and sitting down?
Is the Bathroom accessible with walker or wheelchair?
Is there a table close to your bed with a lamp and room to store eyeglasses and a phone?
Are cords pushed back against the wall?
Is there clutter on the floor?
Do you have a motion sensor night light?
Are throw rugs/floor mats secure? Are spills cleaned up immediately?
Can you get to regularly used items without bending down or reaching up too far?
Is the stove and sink height easily accessible?
Is food prepared at the kitchen table?


Are floor coverings secure and sturdy?
Can you answer the phone without getting up?
Are cords pushed back against the wall?
Can you turn on a light without having to walk into a dark room?
Do you have a step stool that has side rails, sturdy and in good condition?
Do you have a cordless or cellular phone or an emergency alarm device?
Is your floor free of clutter?
It is easy to walk around the furniture in your home?
Can you pull cords to lights or ceiling fans without reaching up?
Are there handrails on both sides of the stairways in your home?
Are the steps on your stairways even and safe?
Are there lights at the top and the bottom of the stairs?
Are all entryways well lit?
Are there cracks or buckles on the sidewalks or driveway?
Are there hoses, weeds or other obstacles on the walkways?
Are there icy steps or walkways?

Did you know that falls aren’t only caused by environmental hazards? There are other risk factors that cause falls in seniors that families might not be aware of including adverse medication interactions, chronic medical conditions, and even dehydration, to name a few.