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Nursing Case Management Services in Vermont and New Hampshire

Provide continuing education and training for our caregivers.​

TLC HomeCare provides 24/7 nursing supervision with overnight “on-call” allowing our clients, families and our caregivers access to a qualified clinical nurse at all hours of day and night. Having supervision for our Licensed Nursing Assistants and our Personal Care Assistants is vital when caring for our clients in their home. It is crucial for our employees that they be able to speak with a nurse if any questions arise with a client’s plan of care, especially if there are any changes taking place in the home with an individual’s health or state of mind. It is also imperative for the client physician and family members to have access to the nurse who is familiar with the client’s plan of care and general oversight of services being provided. In addition, TLC nurses provide unannounced home visits to observe the quality of care that is being provided and assess the relationship between the caregiver and the client. This quality check is continued throughout the duration of the service.

TLC HomeCare ensures the best care for your loved one by assigning a certified nurse to every case! This is what makes us uniquely qualified to deliver award-winning level of care to the members of our community who need us the most. They deserve the expertise and qualification a nurse can bring to your loved one’s homecare experience. From oversight to providing specialized training for our caregivers and members of the community, this impeccable level of care is our standard. You don’t have to worry if anything of concern comes up outside of normal business hours, we have a certified nurse available to you on call 24/7.

TLC’s Nurse Case Managers (NCMs) are certified nurses who oversee every step of your loved one’s care down to the smallest detail. They are in charge of the Homemakers, Personal Care Attendants and Licensed Nursing Assistants providing care in every home. Plus, they understand if your loved one requires specialized care and will match them with the right caregiver at the right time.

Ready to give your loved one award-winning level of care? Our NCMs will start the process by:
  • Meeting with you and your loved one in person or over the phone
  • Performing a home safety assessment
  • Assessing your loved ones needs
  • Building the best care plan for your loved one
  • Reviewing and executing the service contract
  • Communicating with their Physician

Once you have established service with us, the nurse will continue oversight by:

  • Periodic, Routine Check-ins
  • Updating Case Notes
  • Updating Medications Lists
  • Updating Service Contract
  • Communicating with client’s physician
  • Updating assessment of needs

Additional Nurse Case Management Services Available:

Customized Dementia Care Education

The challenge of Alzheimer’s and dementia can add to an already stressful time. One of the best ways to feel confident that your loved one is having all their needs met is through a little extra attention and education. Our Positive Approach to Care (PAC) trainers can come to your home, provide an assessment and give you and everyone in your support system hands-on training so that everyone understands how to meet the needs of your elderly family members.

Learn more about TLC’s specialized training and education on our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Page.

Supervised Medical Appointments​

Open communication with your loved one’s health care providers is crucial to ensuring your loved one is getting the care they need. An RN will be available to you in order to attend medical appointments with your loved ones as needed. This way, the Nurse Case Manager can update the care plan, adjust medication schedules, provide assistance with chronic health issues

For medical appointments our Nurse Case Managers can:
For Coordination of Community Services our Nurse Case Managers can help with:
Our Nurse Case Managers can provide a variety of family consultations such as:

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