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In-Home Personal Care Services in Vermont and New Hampshire

Our professional caregivers are sensitive to the private nature of personal care and will deliver services with dignity and respect.

We understand how important good personal hygiene is to our health and well-being. Not only does good hygiene protect us from illnesses but feeling fresh and ready for the day helps improve mood and boosts confidence.​

Our qualified caregivers can provide many types of personal care services. From getting dressed and ready for the day to winding down for the night, our caregivers will help you with your daily routines right in your own home. Your comfort and privacy are important to us!

Grooming & Dressing Guidance

We will help you with those pesky buttons and other tasks with dressing and grooming that are difficult. Putting on socks, tying shoes, helping you with your favorite hairstyle, washing your face, and more! Our caregivers know how to lend a helping hand.


Cleanliness leads to good health. Bathing is essential to an individual’s sense of well-being. It refreshes the spirit and provides relaxation while cleansing the skin and stimulating circulation. Our caregivers have the training to give sponge baths or assist with the client’s regular bathing routine.

Bathing is not just about hygiene but also about well-being. Baths are a wonderful way to help improve circulation and feel refreshed. We want our clients to feel comfortable getting the help they need with this essential routine.


Elimination is an important and normal body function. However, it is usually an activity that is private and not openly discussed. People often face embarrassment along with a sense of loss of independence, even trying to discuss their needs, let alone admitting they need help. Our caregivers provide an acceptable, comfortable, and safe environment for all types of toileting needs.

Incontinence Care

As we age, the ability to control our bowel or bladder diminishes. Incontinence with aging is a common, natural process but can also be embarrassing. In some cases, discomfort or avoidance addressing these needs can lead to unsanitary living conditions impacting health and comfort. Our caregivers understand the sensitivity of this situation and the proper approach to caring for those who need assistance.

We train them on approaches to caring for incontinence care which includes: sanitation, bladder control programs, exercises, and education. Maintaining your safety, comfort, and dignity is our priority.

Oral Hygiene

Mouth, teeth, denture, and gum care requires daily care so you can feel your best and is essential to good hygiene. Not to mention avoiding bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, and other illnesses that can develop without regular oral hygiene. Our caregivers help you or your loved ones maintain overall health by providing compassionate oral hygiene care services.


Activity and exercise are vital to a healthy lifestyle and offer many physical and mental health benefits. Physical benefits include increasing stamina, strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, and improving digestion and sleep. Mental health benefits include improved mood, decreased stress, and increased mental alertness. No matter the level of mobility, our caregivers encourage clients to be as active as possible and provide them with the added safety needed to stay active.

Transferring and Positioning

Our caregivers can help with moving and changing positions into a correct posture that encourages the functional activity of the body’s many systems for those with limited mobility. Regularly changing body positions helps eliminate pressure areas on the skin, reduces atrophy and stiffening of muscles; it also encourages proper breathing, digestion, and elimination.


We understand that it is difficult for an adult to accept the idea of not being able to feed themselves. Our caregivers understand the feelings of loss of independence. From meal preparation to sharing time and conversation, they make the extra effort to make the mealtimes special. Learn more about our Mealtime Services here.

Medication Reminders

Although our caregivers cannot administer medications, they can assist clients who can take their medication. They can help by opening medication containers or Medpaks, reminding the person to take their medications, and reducing risks of overdosing. You can learn more about our Medication Management Services here.

Other Care

Our attentive caregivers are ready and trained to help you with a variety of personal care tasks. Including those listed above, some other examples are:

  • Morning and evening routines
  • Clothing selection and dressing
  • Transfers to and from bed or chairs
  • Walking
  • Exercises
  • Skincare
  • Nail care

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