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Transport Assistance in Vermont

Considerate, private, respectful personal aged
care and assistance.

What types of services are available?

Chore Services

Caregivers can run errands such as picking up prescriptions, going to the post office, etc. (Separate fuel charges may apply)

Grocery/General Shopping
Caregivers will shop with or without the client accompanying them. They can shop at any store the client prefers and can use any coupons provided.
We can take our clients to their favorite stores, or our caregivers will do this for you. (Separate charges may apply. The client will pay for all their grocery charges.)

Accompany to Appointments
we can accompany the client on trips to doctor appointments, barbershops, beauty salons, shopping, wherever the client likes to go. Getting seniors out and about safely is good for their mind, body and spirit. (Client will have to pay for all the transportation charges.)

Check-up Phone Calls
This service is just the ticket for those clients who may not need someone coming to their home every day, but they and their families can have peace of mind knowing if they need something, we will be checking in.

Recreational Activities
whether it is cards, board games, or a walk in the park, our Associates can help our clients stay active in mind, body and spirit. We also can take the client out to enjoy their favorite activities.

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