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Cecille Anne


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“When I’m screening for new caregivers, it makes me feel wonderful to be a part of every candidate’s journey.”

Cecille is part of our Human Resources team and is responsible for recruiting and screening TLC’s potential new caregivers and Licensed Nurses Assistants (LNAs).  She is originally from the Philippines and currently lives in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.).  One bright spot of the new work-from-home environment is the ability to connect and find talent all around the world.  Cecille’s bubbly personality and love of people make her the perfect person to help our team hire the best in the business.  Even though she is physically far away, she is part of the TLC family.  We get to spend time with her virtually while providing a hybrid work environment and human connections.

When Cecille isn’t meeting virtually with our team in the South Burlington home office, she loves watching Netflix and spending time with her family.