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Deborah R

Brief info

I met Wendy Bombard through an Alzheimer’s Support Group plus with her support and information that she taught and still teaches. She is the one that brought me to TLC HomeCare; I took the course basically to learn more to take care of my brother. Before I knew it, I was working for TLC HomeCare.

I have always taken care of someone throughout my life. First, it was my Dad, then my Mom, and at the time I took my aunt who has Alzheimer’s, I felt that I had no knowledge of what I was in for. I am still learning about Alzheimer’s to this day. However, as time went on and the more I began to learn, the more enjoyed learning what to look for, how to approach a person or situation in an emergency. Someone told me that I was a caregiver all my life. And as I looked back on my life I realized that they were right.

I have done many different jobs since I was sixteen. My first position was as a chambermaid. Then I worked other jobs, but I operated primarily as a bookkeeper for many, many years, though I enjoyed many of the challenges I had in that field of employment.

Nonetheless, this is different. I find this job to be very rewarding, knowing that I have helped someone in need. It may be something as simple as bringing them for shopping or at a restaurant to eat or maybe making their bed, which the client sometimes finds very hard to do. I try to take them out to enjoy life. As we all know life is short, so why not make it easier for those who are having a difficult time!

I feel that if I can make life easier and happier for someone who is in need of any kind of help I will do my best as a caregiver. I want to make the most of this opportunity.