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Well, it all started for me, when I was a child. I spent most of my time with my grandparents, mostly with my gram(my). She was my whole world….she taught me real values, at a very young age. So I naturally grew up to love Elderly (older) adults. My gram was a very nurturing woman. So, when I later became an adult myself, at the age of 22 years, I took in my husband’s grandmother, who was blind, and 87 years old, and did all phases of elderly care for her. We had a death in our family, and she needed someone to take over caring for her full time. So our grandma Ruth was my very first client. Right then and there, I became hooked. And so I continued on, after her passing. It made my heart feel so fulfilled, and good inside, (in my heart), to help others in need, and it was then, that I found my true calling.

So I pushed on forward and continued to do my calling for 30 plus years. And have met such wonderful and nurturing people, who have and continue to fulfill my life, and hear, wholeheartedly. Every day’s a new day, and different. The stories that my clients have to tell me, each one different, and the places they have been, things they have done, and things they have had to endure through their lives. They have so much to tell us, so much to share, and so much wisdom, it makes every moment spent with them well worth it.

I don’t even have to leave their living rooms. And I can go to places I have never been before, just by being quiet, and just by listening! They don’t always want to talk, sometimes they like us to listen. My relationship with my clients is a mutual enjoyment of each other’s company. Not only as their caregiver, but as a dear friend, to help them, and to listen to them. I have truly learned through the years, and having many different clients, they need us, yes, but they also need to feel needed!
And the need for somewhat control of their own lives. Their independence is very important to them, and their happiness and peace of mind. I like to feel that I am playing an important role in that as I did with my gram and Grandma Ruth those many years ago. Sometimes, in this too-busy world, we don’t take the time to just stop and listen. I have learned to really listen more! My elderly clients love telling me about their lives, family, and what’s important to them. Even if it is just cooking a special meal for someone that they enjoy.
I’ve learned from my client’s, whether young or old, we need to stop and just enjoy the little things. I have learned a lot of knowledge over my many years of caregiving, and that life gives the elderly a lot to handle in this too-busy world we now live in!

So my theory is, they need us, but we also need them. As a caregiver, I see the frustration, hardship, and pain that age brings upon some. The loss of independence in many cases. That’s where I come in, and help to make their lives easier, and at the same time, get so much recognition and happiness in my heart by doing so, and making someone else’s life a little easier hopefully. My eyes and ears are always open, and I’m never going to stop listening, and learning from my clients every single day!

We are with our clients to make their lives happy and as fulfilling as we possibly can, and think of others before ourselves. That is what makes a good caregiver. I have always been a giver, not a receiver. I ask for nothing in return. I cherish each and every moment, with every client that I have had, and continue to have in my future. They all hold a special place in my heart. Each client has been different and unique in their own special way. I feel good being a caregiver, knowing that I am continuing to do something right and good, to help others in this too busy crazy world we live in!
I feel that TLC Home Care and TLC Nursing is a wonderful company to work for, and they care about each and every one of their clients, and their needs, and do very well by their care staff as well. They have continued to help me strive in fulfilling my dreams of helping others. When I go to a new client’s home and need something or want something, they’re always right there to help as soon as they are able to. And educate me further on things, when needed.

I am continuing further to educate myself to the next level, from PCA to LNA….. by all means possible. TLC Home Care is and always has been ready to help me by any means of going further with my education. And to go up the ladder of success. I am sincerely hoping to improve upon my skills very soon. Trying to get everything needed before setting up classes at the end of November. There again TLC Home Care is helping me out by letting me change my schedule a bit. I know that TLC Home Care will stand by my side at whatever I decide to do!
There is a lot to be done in a very short time, and I have a long way to go yet, but I am looking forward to my next journey, in my life, as a caregiver and an LNA. Being a caregiver is a special gift. Not all can do it…I feel truly blessed, to have my clients in my life. It does heart food to always do for others before one’s self. I hope to continue in my mission.

Diane, our home care nurse in South Burlington, VT