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Jinky Bautista


Brief info

“It feels good to help caregivers because they are working really hard and deserve to get paid. Making sure that they are getting paid correctly and on time is something that I can do for them.”

Jinky is an incredibly important member of our Payroll and Billing staff, ensuring timesheets, payroll-related adjustments, and invoices are submitted correctly and on time.  She has a passion for math, analytics, and logic.  Jinky graduated from accounting school and is currently studying for the board exam to become a full-fledged Accountant.  She gets a lot of satisfaction working closely with our home office team even though she works remotely from Manila/Laguna, Philippines.  The best part of what she does comes from being appreciated because the service she provides our caregivers ensures they are cared for, so they are in the best shape to care for our clients.

When Jinky has some free time between working and studying, she loves watching tv series and doing high intensity-interval training and workouts.