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Josette Amar


Brief info

“I love working at TLC and connecting with the caregivers who rely on me during tough situations. A big part of me wants to give that human touch to help them.”

Josette is one of our wonderful part-time weekend on-call coordinators and ensures everything runs smoothly between our clients and caregivers after hours.  Her educational background is in midwifery and as a health aide, but a lot of her work experience is in quality control and risk detection for larger companies.  Josette is inspired by her grandmother and aunts, who are all nurses.  Caring for others was instilled in her at an early age when she lived with her grandmother.  She helped her with many of the same types of daily tasks TLC’s caregivers provide to our clients.

Josette loves painting, a hobby she picked up during the pandemic, reading and watching Netflix, especially medical dramas.