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Kate S

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I am so thankful I get to work for TLC HomeCare now and in the past have worked with other agencies similar to them. I have wanted to pursue this line of work as both a personal care attendant and as a licensed nursing assistant for as long as I can remember. My plan is to continue this line of work for many years to come as I have currently been doing, and for however long I can. Each and every day I do my job I try and do my best to make the ones I care for happy, comfortable, and well. I’ve had all sorts of experiences in my years as a caregiver, those ranging from homecare, private duty, one on one, hospital care, long-term care, short-term care, rehab, and hospice care. All these types of care require all the same needs just in different ways.

My grandparents played an important role in my decision to become a caregiver. From the time I was six years of age up to the time I was eighteen of age and graduated from high school they raised me and took custody of me from my biological parents. The reason my grandparents took custody of me is that, off and on, throughout my life, I have suffered from Epilepsy. Epilepsy is a health condition involving seizures. And being in the healthcare field, I have studied this and spoken to nurses about it, and have accepted it as a part of my life. I know there are others like myself that have this illness or other health-related issues and can relate to them or one another. My health condition with the seizures started at the age of six. A stressor thought to trigger the start of my epilepsy according to doctors, which I find makes sense, is the fact that my biological parents were in the process of going through a divorce and constantly fighting. At that time, my biological parents could not deal with or understand the illness which is primarily why I got to grow up with my grandparents. Both of my grandparents are still present, he is eighty-eight years of age and she is seventy-six years of age and they mean the world to me. Throughout the years, I have watched them age and have seen the process it involves.

Aging has its ups and downs, but for them, they have been lucky and are aging in extraordinary ways. I know one day they both will pass, as will we all, and that is a way of life. I hold every memory dear and enjoy every opportunity I can with them up to the very end, but as for now the two of them are very remarkable people, and made, and still do make great caregivers and this is in part how I learned to be the caretaker I am. I send a big thank you to them and remind them always that they are loved and that everyone deserves to be loved. My grandparents really are grand in every sense of the word, and if it was not for them I would not be who or where I am today. I know healthcare is not a line of work for everyone, but for me it is and always will be. I find health care to be a rewarding career and I was brought to this calling of work mainly because of that reason.

The advantage to this line of work is that there will always be a need for our services. I knew then, and now still know, that for a long time I have wanted to help care for others and this is why I am a personal care attendant and a licensed nursing assistant. I have found throughout the years of being a caretaker I have gotten the chance to watch and learn how to be a caregiver from seeing many others who help do the same around our world today, and I hope do and still will continue to give care into the future of our world. I just wanted to mention that it is important to remember you must always treat others with the care and respect they need and deserve. I know at one point in life all of us will need this line of work, a caregiver, and in return, I would and know many others would want the respect and care we lend to them. It is my goal to continue a good thing that keeps happening.

I’m able to fulfill my calling of work through TLC by attending my scheduled working visits to both facilities and resident’s homes, and it is at these locations that I am able to get the opportunity to help them. The certain ways in which I find myself helping others and caring for them by positively improving my field of work, and theirs, is through their daily activities of living. I have found as a person you must first learn to be a good listener, friend, and one to offer support or a helping hand which shows you have a caring soul and heart. I find that being able to do all these tasks makes it easier to begin to form bonds with others and often you learn new things from others regarding their past lives and the history of how things were in that day or gain knowledge on how life and health care is today. As life continues onward, I look forward to gaining more knowledge from others and being here to help teach them because it is always a good thing to keep moving forward and learning.

I take pride in our agency and especially its name TLC, which conveys the meaning of tender loving care which all people deserve in their past, their present, and their future. I also support and enjoy hearing about the super seniors that you sponsor on the channel 3 news every Thursday and wanted to mention this to others who may not know about it. I know not everyone is a super senior or makes it that far in life but because we take care of a variety of individuals and within each one I bet something super can and will be found. Thanks for reading my thoughts and letting me voice my opinion.