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1. What made you decide to become a Caregiver?

I lost my grandfather 5 years ago, and always told me I should get my LNA and one day an LPN or RN license. I love working with people who need help.

2. What does professionalism mean to you?

The ability to do things, and having the skills you know/or need to work on.

3. What does preparation mean to you in regards to your workday?

Staying organized, being ready for my day of helping them.

4. What does framework mean to you in the caregiver arena?

Being able to help the client and family.

Purpose: To help with the organization of the client’s agenda, to help make sure things go smoothly while we’re there.

5. How are you meeting the needs of others as a Caregiver?

Being able to do their shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and being able to provide transportation. Giving medicine, getting what they need, doing whatever it is they may need.

6. Professionalism: How do you take responsibility for yourself?

Attitude: Think positive, never let things bother you while on shift
Mood: Don’t blame your feelings or emotions on others
Motivation: To stay happy, to want to help out
Job knowledge: The type of relationship you have with client/coworkers
Compassion: Being there when they need you to be

7. Preparation: How do you reduce risk to yourself and your client?

Always going by what is being done the way that it should be. Always use safety measures; gait belt, walker, always being by their side when walking.

8. What does proper attire mean to you?

Wearing nice, decent clothes. Not looking like a slob and not clean. Hair, skin, and clothes are clean.

9. What does proper mobility mean to you?

Being as helpful as you can when they are in wheelchairs, walkers, helping them grab/reach.

10. What precautions do you take?

Always go by what instructions tell you. Use a gait belt if needed, always stay focused on the client.

11. What observations do you make when working?

How strong they are in their arms and legs, how to make their day better when going wrong, thinking of how things could be done safely.

12. What does self-control mean to you?

Being able to control what you do, thinking before you say or do something.

13. What does it mean to follow a care plan?

Do what the care plan says, don’t ignore it ever.

14. What is proper communication?

Making sure you speak clearly and loudly enough for them to understand.

15. How do you maintain a proper environment?

Keeping things clean and nothing they can trip on or us. Making sure you help or are close by when they are using something that could be not safe.

16. How do you maintain meeting the basic needs of your client?

Understand your client’s needs, gather information to help understand your client more.

17. What does patience mean to you in the framework of caregiving?

You need to stay relaxed and calm and not yell or scream, just breathe and come back to it.

18. How do you handle the unexpected?

Never react immediately, stay positive.

19. What does proper documentation look like?

Making sure you’re clear and understandable. Make sure to be neat, clean, and don’t forget anything that would be important.

20. How do you review and improve?

Just stay positive, you set your mind to it and you will succeed.

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