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Lauren Morelli


Brief info

“Not everybody has somebody and I wanted to be that somebody for them.”

Lauren helps us meet our total commitment to care by covering anything that comes up after hours. From a young age, she learned what it was like to care for the elderly through her grandparents. She saw that they were able to receive that individual family care that everyone deserves but aren’t always able to get from family members. Being at TLC, she feels that she can make a difference and be that family member for others as she was for her grandparents. From making sure the right caregivers are with the right clients, to answering questions, she is one of the people ensuring TLC is always there for you and your loved ones around the clock. 

Lauren is a New Englander from Brookline, NH and has over 15 years of nursing experience including in nursing homes, cardiology, medical research, and homecare.

Lauren Morelli