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1. What made you decide to become an LNA?

I love people and doing things with and for others is very satisfying to me.

2. What does professionalism mean to you?

Professionalism embodies respect, reciprocity, manners, and self-respect.

3. What does preparation mean to you in regards to your workday?

Preparations mean looking forward and doing everything I can ahead of time to ease my path.

4. What does framework mean to you in the caregiver arena?

Being able to look at a situation from another’s “come from place”.

Purpose: To better serve the needs of the person I intend to assist.

5. How are you meeting the needs of others as an LNA?

By learning about them and their ways helps me know when to encourage independence and when to help before being asked.

7. Preparation: How do you reduce risk to yourself and your client?

By learning about their routine and their habits.

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