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Mary Alice

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I became a caregiver because I knew that it was a career that I would be great at. I worked in Hematology/Oncology for a few years and would see people that needed my help, but because I was a secretary and not a licensed caregiver I was not allowed to help. It really bothered me because I saw the hurt and pain in their eyes and I would want so badly to be able to fulfill their request, big or small.

After my years at the hospital, I became a Medical assistant for an OB/GYN in South Burlington. I worked alongside her, and again was in the presence of people who at times needed tremendous support, and this time I was able to help them. I also worked as a cosmetic laser tech in her office, and I loved the feeling when they saw their acne scars erased or spider veins that have embarrassed them forever disappear. I felt that there was an intimate exchange of energy between myself and them. There was the look of Thank you, in their eyes, even before they had a chance to say it.

I am able to fulfill that which I pray for every day. I pray that God keeps my family in excellent health, I pray for an abundance of wealth and happiness and love. This career as a caregiver keeps me in excellent health. I am able to be there for people that for whatever reason, are unable to care for themselves. I make sure that while they are in my care, they receive the best care possible, and they always tell me how thankful they are and that I’m such an angel, or they say that I shouldn’t have to do this kind of hard work.

I am a very fortunate person. I treat everyone with 100 percent respect and kindness, whether they are multi-millionaires or schizophrenic veterans living in a nursing home.

This work has been called Gods work. To me, it’s about being there for our fellow human beings. I make sure that while I am at work, I maintain an upbeat attitude. I ask them questions about the good old days, and many times have learned a thing or two. I know that we have this in common; I have been unable to care for myself before and I needed help. I’m sure that when I make my full circle in this world that I will need help with dressing, and eating and using the bathroom, and of course, painting on my eyebrows. I hope that I will have a caregiver like myself and the staff at TLC HomeCare Services, to give me that same Tender, Loving Care.