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Mohamed Basha

CEO, Founder, Nurse

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“We want to be a part of this community and when you’re part of a community you take care of each other.”

Mohamed is the CEO and founder of TLC. As the eldest in a large family, he was driven to perform above and beyond in his chosen career path. His first career goals were in the computer technology industry but the seclusion of working in front of a computer in an office could not satisfy his desire for human connection. He was introduced to the nursing field on an off-chance meeting while driving taxis for his father’s company. The person he drove that day was a traveling nurse and her story would alter the course of his life. Soon after that fateful meeting, he enrolled in Nursing school and continued working as much as he could to help finance his medical training. Then he met Sally, a friend’s mother who sometimes offered him odd jobs, including helping with his mother during the summers on their weekend trips. Caring for Sally was instrumental in opening his eyes to the need of caregivers in Vermont and New Hampshire. There simply were not enough caregivers in the area to meet her needs.  With the help of Sally’s business savvy and kindness, Mohamed did everything he could to start an agency that could give the right care to the right people at the right time and that’s how TLC was born.

Mohamed Basha