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1. What made you decide to become a Caregiver?

I became aware that many people would rather stay in their homes as opposed to going into a long-term care facility. I thought that helping them would be rewarding work.

2. What does professionalism mean to you?

Treating clients with respect and trying to give them the best care possible. Handling situations that may come up with grace and remaining calm.

3. What does preparation mean to you in regards to your workday?

Having everything I need to do a job ready to go. Knowing what is required of me for that day.

4. What does framework mean to you in the caregiver arena?

Recognizing what the expectations of the job are.

Purpose: Doing your best to meet the client’s needs.

5. How are you meeting the needs of others as a Caregiver?

By helping them accomplish those things they are not capable of or that they need assistance with.

6. Professionalism: How do you take responsibility for yourself?

I must not get upset if problems arise but I should remain confident and do my best to make things go as smoothly as possible.

7. Preparation: How do you reduce risk to yourself and your client?

I should not try to do something that is too strenuous especially if it puts the client at risk.

8. What does proper attire mean to you?

Clean – conservative clothing that is appropriate. Quality footwear that is going to give good stability.

9. What does proper mobility mean to you?

Moving at a pace that keeps everyone safe.

10. What precautions do you take?

Check your surroundings for possible obstacles.

11. What observations do you make when working?

Make sure the client is doing well and keep the surroundings as safe as possible.

12. What does self-control mean to you?

Not allowing myself to get angry or anxious, remaining calm and patient.

13. What does it mean to follow a care plan?

To do what is expected as well as possible.

14. What is proper communication?

Speaking clearly and giving the client undivided attention.

15. How do you maintain a proper environment?

Keep the surroundings clean and free of objects that could cause an accident.

16. How do you maintain meeting the basic needs of your client?

By not allowing myself to be distracted by other things that may come up but focusing on what is important and needed at the moment.

17. What does patience mean to you in the framework of caregiving?

If the client is having a bad day I must remain calm and in control and try to help them. If it takes them a long time to do things because of their ability, then I must work within that time frame.

18. How do you handle the unexpected?

Remain calm and think clearly.

19. What does proper documentation look like?

Make a clear listing of what has been done.

20. How do you review and improve?

Look back on what has been done to get a good feel for what has happened. Try to figure out if it is possible to handle a situation better.