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Brief info

1. What made you decide to become a Caregiver?

Start the path to LNA certification.

2. What does professionalism mean to you?

Always being polite and respectful to others.

3. What does preparation mean to you in regards to your workday?

Having everything ready and being where I need to be on time.

4. What does framework mean to you in the caregiver arena?

Making sure all basics are covered and standards met.

Purpose: To make all of the experiences the best they can be.

5. How are you meeting the needs of others as a Caregiver/PCA/LNA/Nurse?

Supporting them, doing tasks that they need help with, being a friendly face that they feel comfortable with.

6. Professionalism: How do you take responsibility for yourself?

Attitude: Kind and respectful
Mood: Always helping better the mood of people around me
Motivation: Drive to accomplish tasks at hand
Job knowledge: Knowing the information
Compassion: Meeting whatever needs

7. Preparation: How do you reduce risk to yourself and your client?

By being safe and thorough in my thought process.

8. What does proper attire mean to you?

Depends, professional when needed.

9. What does proper mobility mean to you?

Being safe and sturdy.

10. What precautions do you take?

Make sure of actions before you make them.

11. What observations do you make when working?

How the client is doing, what else they might need help with.

12. What does self-control mean to you?

Thinking critically before proceeding.

13. What does it mean to follow a care plan?

Do what needs to be done.

14. What is proper communication?

Making sure both parties know what is being said, and keeping it respectful.

15. How do you maintain a proper environment?

By using respect and professionalism.

16. How do you maintain meeting the basic needs of your client?

Making sure all tasks are completed.

17. What does patience mean to you in the framework of caregiving?

Not getting frustrated and handling adversity.

18. How do you handle the unexpected?

Thinking critically and proceed with the thought behind it.

19. What does proper documentation look like?

Thorough and neat.

20. How do you review and improve?

Look back on previous experiences and improve them next time.