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Tabitha Chatfield

Brief info

I became a Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) for several reasons; I was interfused to the field when my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer doc’s gave her 6 months and she made it 2 and 1/2 years she was home I was grateful I gave her a foot rub every night. a couple of years later fiend of the family fell and broke her hip I stayed with her for a couple of months the son came on weekends and the daughter would come for an hour once a week I helped with ADL’s for her. The Son wanted to move her closer to him so she ended up in a Nursing Home. A few years later my uncle who was paralyzed for 40 years was in a Nursing Home and when he passed he had chronic Pneumonia and a bed course. We when to see him every Sunday after church I felt so bad he had suffered.

For some people, working on their car makes them happy, for others, it is the love of animals they form and become vets or do a job just because. I Love to help people always have. I was told be a wise person if you do what you Love it is not work. People pick to do what they do for many reasons, for you to get my whole reason why it would be my whole autoBiography

– With that short part of a lot of reasons I want everyone (as they can be) Happy, (as they can be) Healthy, (as they can be) Clean. My Family, Friends, and the many life experiences I’ve had over the last 31 years.

How it ties with TLC
– I can be there for the people and their families. If I can put a smile on their face or make them feel better it makes me feel good. Kind of selfish, I like to hear their stories or just let them know I am there to help. Sometimes it’s helping the people mentally, physically, or emotionally.

How I improve my field
– The clients know I care how they feel, what they want, and they can talk to me, in establishing trust in me and my LNA skills.