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Brief info

1. What made you decide to become a Caregiver?

The desire to care for others. I always had a passion to do so.

2. What does professionalism mean to you?
3. What does preparation mean to you in regards to your workday?

At the top of the shift looking at MAR & TAR, knowing who my CNA’s are, their duties, and time of breaks.

4. What does framework mean to you in the caregiver arena?


5. How are you meeting the needs of others as a Caregiver/PCA/LNA/Nurse?

By going above and beyond, giving the best care I possibly can give.

6. Professionalism: How do you take responsibility for yourself?

Job knowledge:

7. Preparation: How do you reduce risk to yourself and your client?

By using proper body mechanics, using gait belt & proper lifts with assistance as needed.

8. What does proper attire mean to you?

Proper uniform, clean and well-kept appearance, name badge, and a smile.

9. What does proper mobility mean to you?
10. What precautions do you take?

Standard precautions at all times unless otherwise directed. Good handwashing and proper wear on gloves.

11. What observations do you make when working?
12. What does self-control mean to you?

Not always reacting, every action doesn’t always require a reaction.

13. What does it mean to follow a care plan?

At the start of a shift looking up the care plan to know how to properly take care of each resident.

14. What is proper communication?

Giving good reports, going through all channels to make sure everyone knows what’s going on with the resident.

15. How do you maintain a proper environment?

Keeping areas clear of obstacles, good lighting, and putting equipment back in designated areas.

16. How do you maintain meeting the basic needs of your client?

By giving them water, making sure they are being given care Q2hrs, giving medications on time.

17. What does patience mean to you in the framework of caregiving?
18. How do you handle the unexpected?

By staying calm and working it out as best as I can.

19. What does proper documentation look like?

No red! Documenting as you go. Charting all meds and tx before the end of the shift.

20. How do you review and improve?

Recap my day and try to make the next one go smoother.