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4 Reasons Why CNAs Prefer to Work Through Home Care Agencies

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Plenty of home care agencies are seeing an uptick of employees that are Certifed Nursing Assistants. One-on-one caregiving is a more preferred way to work if you are a nurse, CNA, etc. It is a more comfortable environment for many, and agencies provide other benefits. When working out of a client’s home, there is more downtime when working an eight-hour shift than the non-stop tasks that CNAs find them doing in other facilities. Also, a lot of CNAs are being paid more for their services. Many CNAs work for nursing homes, hospitals, providing their own services as an individual, etc. It can be overwhelming. Here are 4 reasons why CNAs prefer to work through home care agencies.

Support from the Agency

When a CNA is working from different facilities, there could be a lack of support if there is a change in a client’s health, which would require the CNA to find some sort of medical support system to figure out the issue. When working for an agency, there is a support system to troubleshoot the client’s problems, such as lack of sleep and appetite loss, rather than searching for medical assistance. Depending on the issue, not everything needs medical attention; there are other ways to figure out a solution then consulting a doctor, making the client more nervous about the situation.

There is a support system that checks on their CNAs to ensure that they are comfortable, providing the best possible care, and enjoying their work as a home care aid. There is no one checking in on CNAs at other facilities, which could be a reason for burning out.

Better Working Conditions for CNAs

Home care employment offers better opportunities for CNA; here are a few examples:

  • Shorter commute; rather than spending hours in the car, you can get an assignment closer to home.
  • Ideal scheduling; you can be assigned a case with your perfect scheduling and hours per week.
  • Assigned a case with a friendly client and a fantastic family to work for.

This is not easy to find as a CNA. Working for a home care agency as a CNA because of your certification and experience, they tend to get better cases. Also, there is no need to feel overwhelmed with work; there is a support system to help you.

As a CNA, you are offered better opportunities, hours, pay, and cases that are closer to home. There are always new clients that require a CNA’s help.

No Need to Search for Work

No need to stress yourself to find a new employer; the agency provides you with enough work, even if an assignment ends. There won’t be a long wait for your next client. The agency is the one that markets their services and gathers the jobs for the CNA and other certified caretakers.

Here are a few other benefits of working with a home care agency as a CNA:

  • If a CNA needs to take a few weeks off, the agency will provide the client with a fill-in until the CNA returns.
  • If the assignment ends randomly, the CNAA would be provided with a new assignment within days.
  • If the CNA doesn’t get along with the client or family, they will transfer the CNA to a better fitting client.
  • If a CNA is blamed for things that are out of their control, the agency will support the family and client. You are protected.
Agencies Pay Their CNAs and Take Care of Their Taxes

Each week, CNAs are paid promptly; many CNAs can be taken for a ride from dishonest families if they are individual caretakers who work for themselves. Chasing a paycheck is not fun, especially when bills need to be paid. When working with an agency, there are no issues with wondering where your next paycheck is coming from. Also, at the end of the year, their tax withholdings would be such that the CNA wouldn’t have to owe the government.


Working for a home agency, there are a bunch of perks that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. CNA’s that are working for agencies have more time in their life to ensure that their personal life is taken care of, get paid regularly, close to home assignments, etc. TLC Home Care provides services for your loved ones, with knowledgeable, well-trained CNAs, and happy with their employment. Check out what services they provide that fit your lifestyle, schedule, and loved ones’ needs with care.