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Mobility Aids for your Loved Ones

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As we all get older, it gets harder and harder to move, but most are likely to retain their independence until quite late in life. You can buy and install several devices in your home so that your loved one can still feel safe and independent. If you want your loved one to be able to stay in their home as long as possible, it would be wise to consider a few of these devices.

Canes for Walking

Among the most common devices purchased are canes. There are several sizes, designs, and colors available to your elderly loved one. The prices vary greatly, but some of them are within your budget. When canes are used correctly, they can help prevent falls for the elderly. They can help improve balance and stability as well. The primary purpose is to decrease the amount of weight placed on the lower body joints, making them popular for the elderly who have arthritis or are recovering from surgery.

When choosing a cane, you want to make sure it suits your loved one’s unique mobility needs. Single-point canes are generally used. They can be ideal for elderly adults who struggle with balance and those with brain or spinal cord injuries. Three or four-point canes are less common, but they are suitable for those with trouble with balance.

Walkers with Two Wheels

A two-wheel walker is correctly named because it has two wheels. It works similarly to a walking cane, preventing falls, and it is ideal for older adults with limited mobility. The stems of the two-wheel walkers support up to one-half of a person’s body weight when used correctly.

There are a few other benefits of using a two-wheel walker:

  • With wheels on the front, Walker doesn’t require being lifted, so they are perfect for elders who suffer from upper body weakness.
  • Walker’s help to alleviate lower-body pain by reducing the strain on the lower extremities.
  • Walkers have been found to decrease the risk of falling while building strength and replacing muscles lost over time.

Using a two-wheeled walker effectively takes practice. Home care professionals like TLC can help make sure that your loved one feels comfortable with their device. They will also care for your elder while you’re at work to ensure their safety, and comfortability will be a waste of money if your loved one does not use it properly. Using a two-wheeled walker could be hazardous to seniors if not used correctly.


One of the most popular devices purchased for elders who live in two-story houses is stairlifts. These devices allow elderly adults who have low mobility to get upstairs. Stairs can be scary for elders who have weakness in the lower part of their bodies. They could get stuck or, even worse, fall. It is advisable to examine the cost and installment of stairlifts because they can save your loved ones’ life.

Straight or Curved Stairlifts: Which one is Best for your Loved One?

A stairlift can be easily installed on any staircase. This might help your loved one access the upper level of their house without putting their lives in danger. If your loved one has a straight staircase, the straight stairlift would be the best option. However, if your loved one has a curved staircase, curved stairlifts may be required.

Activator Poles

This is a mobility device shaped like a pole. It can help lower-body joints, and it may also help restore a healthy gait. A postural aid can help elderly adults who want a better balance, posture, and stability. An Activator Pole comes in handy for moving around the house or for taking walks. Made of lightweight aluminum, you will never have to worry about your loved one collapsing or becoming hurt.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers bear a structural resemblance to a bicycle or a tricycle that helps elderly citizens with knee problems to move around safely. Most believe that knee walkers are more effective than crunches and are more durable. They also help with maneuverability for people with mobility impairments. Like a bicycle, they usually offer a seat where you can place their tired leg on or behind. In some cases, they also have a storage basket, so your loved one doesn’t have to move more than once.


These devices make it possible for your loved ones who once were active people to become more mobile. You desire your loved ones to be as comfortable as possible, and they will feel more at ease at home rather than a facility. Most elderly adults would rather be at home rather than anywhere else. Their independence is important to them; helping them access some of these devices will help them feel as if they still have control.