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How to Encourage Your Patients in Home Care: Private Nurse Home Care

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It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. But how can we create laughter in a setting of 24hr nursing care at home? It can be a challenge, but it is not impossible to encourage your patients.

Providing private nurse home care can have positives in this area, as you work in the patient’s place of safety and familiarity. Once you get to know one another, you will be well equipped to recognize how and when you can brighten your patient’s day.

Where Do I Begin?

Encouragement begins with the way you interact on the first entry! Entering the home and being chipper will set the mood for how you will be and help bring your patient to your level.

If the patient is sad, it is okay to go to their level and empathize with them. No one wants to feel alone in their sorrow. Sitting with the patient in their grief or pain can be encouraging by itself, as they will be able to see that they have a companion through it all. Empathizing with them and letting them know that their feelings are valid will be empowering. Showing them that it is okay to feel the way they do and even normal will help them accept where they are emotionally and ultimately prepare them to move forward in their treatments.

What if My Patient Does Not Want Encouragement?

Private nurse home care can sound daunting at first to a patient. It can sound to them that they are being sentenced to a life alone at home with no social or emotional outlets. An easy way to encourage your patient right off the bat is to talk about what accomplishment they will achieve first. You can:

  • Describe the accomplishment in as many details as you can
  • Ask them what will the experience look like, feel like, or smell like?
  • How would they like to reward themselves when they reach their goal?

Asking your patient these questions will help them imagine and visualize what they are looking forward to. It allows them to resented their minds and reprioritize their thoughts. If they have something to look forward to, I.e., their goal, they will be more likely to think positively.

Help Your Patient Feel Less Alone

When healing from wounds or illnesses, positivity is power. A great attitude can help you, your patient, and their families continue down the path of healing without feeling alone. Loneliness can be isolating, and it can wreak havoc on someone’s morale. Finding ways to encourage your patient and cheer them on are ultimately ways to show them you care. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares makes all the difference.

Working in private nurse home care gives you the chance to go to the homes of those who need personal home care assistance. These patients are likely homebound, making isolation feel even worse. Not only are they home alone, but they’re home alone with the inability to get out even if they wanted to. You are allowed to not only care for their physical needs but also their mental needs. Going in with a smile and a gentle voice will do wonders.

Get Outside

Finally, when possible, help your patient get outside. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Help them into the patio or porch
  • Set up their meal outside
  • Go for a walk together

If the patient is unable to get outside themselves, try bringing the outside inside. You can do this by:

  • Opening curtains and windows
  • Bringing flowers inside
  • Positioning a bed or a chair by the window

You have the unique privilege of being able to help support your patient and encourage them to continue living, even though they may need private nurse home care. While you encourage them, allow us at TLC Healthcare to inspire you. Come interview with us, and you will see that we are a personal home care agency that will work to keep your cup full so that you can go out and encourage your patients each day.

We are always learning and growing, and we look forward to adding you to our team. Being a part of the TLC Healthcare family means that you are never alone when helping your patients, and you will be encouraged by your peers and staff when the going gets rough. See what a difference this makes today!