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5 Reasons for Registered Nurses to Work in Home Health Care

In Home Health Services

As years and years of experience is gained as a registered nurse, sometimes, you can become drawn from the job. Between the politics, the uncontrollable schedules, etc, can cause the job to be drugging and causing a loss of interest. Many nurses that are tired of the everyday grind, turn to working in the home for elders who need care.elder

When joining the in-home care industry, you are given flexibility, independence, and creating a positive impact on these people’s lives. It is more of a rewarding lifestyle and career then working as a nurse, surrounded by politics, procedures, and coworkers that may not always be the positive people you’ve met. If you are thinking about leaving your hospital nursing job, and entering the home care industry, but not sure if it will be as fulfilling as your current job, here are 5 reasons why RNs are turning to work within the home.

Creating a Flexible and a Customized Career

As a nurse, you really don’t have a say with the schedule you get. There are no flexible hours, and of course, you can be handling over twenty patients at a time. When working in the home, helping with an elderly client, you can have a flexible schedule, and hours. There is more downtime as well when working in the home. Rather than racing around, trying to ensure the best care of twenty patients, you can worry about one.


In the home, there is more need of using innovative ways to care for your elder. Because you are working out of someone’s home, and that you don’t have coworkers to lean on, it’s all on you. But this means that you have more time to rely on your skills. Of course, if you need guidance, you can reach out to your agency, and the elder’s doctor.

Caring for Diverse Families and Patients

Meeting different families is possibly the best part of the job. In a hospital, you don’t get to use your companionship skills with patients or their families, due to working with multiple people. When working out of the home, you see the same people every day. This is the chance to be a compassionate companion to the families and patients you are working with. Becoming close to these people can benefit your career.

Creating Rewarding Patient Relationships

You are not only their nurse, but their friend. Someone they can talk to, hang with, and rely on when needed. When you become a companion, you are brightening these elders’ days. Before, they may have not had that one on one opportunity with people. Staying home due to lack of mobility, illness, and lack of people available for an outing, can be lonesome. As a home care nurse, you are changing their day to day and filling it with friendship. A lot of nurses consider becoming a companion to their elders and something that can’t be replicated inside the hospitals. There is too much to do. Being able to sit down and have a conversation with a patient you are helping them with their loneliness, and you are gaining a friend.

Making an Impact

Elders really don’t want to go to nursing homes; they can be expensive, lonely, and may not give the best care due to a nurse having multiple residences on their roster. Hiring an in-home nurse, the elder is getting the care they need in the environment they feel comfortable with. As a nurse you are impacting their lives; you are helping them with their day to day, their loneliness, and filling their day with positivity. In home nurses are proven to make lonely elders happier than them going to a nursing home.


Registered nurses are switching to home care at a rapid pace. They feel as if they can make more of a difference then within the home with patients who really need it. With the flexible hours, and schedule, you can maintain your personal life without having to feel as if you are always working. And independence is nice too, not always having to report to anyone, but your agency, and patients’ doctors are a lot less stressful. TLC Home Care can help you get started with helping elders in their home. They have great assignments with amazing families, and their staffing coordinator, and scheduling coordinator are great to work with, and work with your availability. Check them out.