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7 Ways to Prepare for a Career as a Traveling Home Health Nurse

In Home Health Services

Now, more than ever, home health nurses are needed. There are many areas nationwide that are experiencing the impact of the lack of nurses they have, not only in hospitals but also in the homes. Due to the pandemic, many elderly adults stay home rather than seeking professional medical help or admitting themselves to nursing homes for extended care.

Lots of these elders are scared and unsure what to do about getting medical help when needed. Well, that is where you come in. If you are thinking of becoming a traveling home health nurse, then you’re in luck. This article will help you prepare for the fruitful career that it can offer, imply the most important practices to uphold while on the road, and how to help families who require your services.

1.    Exploring Travel Nursing

Be sure this is the career for you. Check out blogs, Facebook groups, Linkedin Groups, etc., to get the ins and outs of the job. This type of nursing job is not for everyone. You need to know what to expect when you leap into this profession. Being away from family, going to an unknown area, and living out of your suitcase for the duration of the assignment is tough. So, be sure that this is something for you. If it is not, that’s okay.

2.    Network with Other Traveling Nurses

Staying connected is the best way to get through an assignment. Having a network of nurses that are experiencing the same thing as you is comforting. You feel less alone, even though you are. In different Facebook and Linkedin groups, you can coordinate with nurses in the area you will be working, which means going out to coffee, dinner, and spending days off doing something productive and fun.

3.    Research Travel Nurse Agencies

Do your research; you want to be sure that you are working for a company that can be flexible, understanding, knowledgeable, and have great assignments for you to work on. TLC Home Care is one of the best agencies to work for. If you are looking to get out there and become a traveling home health care nurse, this is the company for you. They will provide you with great families, housing, and competitive compensation.

4.    Don’t Burn Any Bridges

You want to think ahead; if you are thinking of jumping into this lifestyle, try not to burn bridges with your former employer. You don’t know if you are going to enjoy being on the road, jumping from family to family to family. You could get tired of it quickly. So, it is best to keep open communication with your former employers.

5.    Have a Savings Account

Most agencies offer a housing allowance, but there may be expenses associated with housing that will need to be paid upfront. Of course, you will be reimbursed. Think of how uncomfortable you will feel being in an unknown area without money. What if something happened? You need to think about all kinds of different situations that could happen before jumping into this career.

6.    Keep your Basic Certifications Up-to-date

This is one of the most important practices that you want to stick to. You want to keep all your documents up to date and relevant. Just in case your employer, the agency, or the family you are working with needs something. It is best to be organized in this type of work; you never know when you will need to reshow any of your certifications.

7.    Keep your Medical Records Up-to-date

Another important thing that you need to be good at. Having all your immunizations and other medical records up to date is a must. You never know when your agency, employer, or the family you are assigned to will need something. Keep reminders in your phone for different medical documents that you will need to get when they expire; it is the best thing to do to ensure that none of your documents are expired.


Being prepared for a career like a traveling home health care nurse is important. You will be thrown into different situations that you will have to be ready for. Working with different families can be amazing, but you want to be ready for the not-so-amazing situations as well. TLC Home Care can help you find your first family to help. They offer great assignments, with a knowledgeable staff and competitive pay. Check them out.