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9 Common Concerns about Hiring a Home Health Care Provider

9 Common Concerns about Hiring a Home Health Care Provider

Our loved ones mean the world to us; as they age, of course, we worry about their well-being safety and to ensure they are not lonely. As we try to be there as much as possible, sometimes we cannot, causing unwanted worry and stress. Hiring a home care provider is a smart move for your family member’s care, but many concerns come to mind. Here are 9 common problems with hiring a home health care provider.

1. Care Professionals Don’t Care about Their Patients

This type of career choice usually calls for people who have a loving and caring nature about them. However, family members do worry about caregivers taking care of their loved ones. Yes, some horror stories about a slim few aids have caused harm towards patients, but a lot of these providers vet their applicants before moving forward with them. When working with a quality company that hires knowledgeable and well-trained staff, you will always receive the best care for your loved one.

2. Care Professional Abuse and Steal from Their Patients

Of course, we have all heard those stories of seniors being mistreated and being stolen from. Because of that fear, many family members put off pursuing a home care aid, even if they are in desperate need of someone. There are some things you can do to ensure the safety of your loved one and your belongings. You want to ask potential providers about their hiring process and how they go about finding their talent, and ensure that their staff is fully licensed in caring for older adults. Lastly, you can use nanny cameras as well to ensure that your personal belongings aren’t stolen.

3. Care Professionals are only Needed For Very Sick Seniors

Well, that is not entirely true. Yes, progressive illnesses are a more common reason for family members to hire health care professionals, but it isn’t the only reason. Rather than sending your loved one to a lonely, expensive nursing home, they can receive the same care from the comfort of their own home. Professional caregivers are there for medication distribution and cooking meals, helping move that elder around the house, personal hygiene, etc. The person doesn’t have to be ill. They could have a hard time walking or may need someone to help around with housework. This makes it easier for you, as a family member, to go about your day, such as errands, work, etc.

4. Having No Control Who Comes into Your Home

It can be nerve-wracking for someone to welcome a caregiver into your home to care for your loved one. Most of these providers understand that. When you finally select that company, they will analyze your loved one’s needs and assign a caregiver or two. These are people who are aware of what your loved one needs, and if you or your elder do feel uncomfortable, all you need to do is call and make a complaint. Other companies allow you to interview their staff to ensure you’re getting the best of the best. This puts more people at ease, rather than just waiting to see who shows up.

5. Nursing Homes are Better than Home Health Care

It depends on the person, but most older people often stay where they know, then up and moving somewhere they don’t. When having someone come to your loved one to care for them, it is a lot less stressful than staying in a nursing home where they don’t know anyone. Yes, they both have skilled staff and offer the same amenities, but keeping your loved one where they feel comfortable is way more important.

6. When an Elderly Adult only needs Assistance with Personal Care, They Don’t Qualify for Home Health Care

Not true! Older adults who need help with day to day things are more commonly treated these days to avoid nursing homes. Personal care is essential for elderly adults due to their skin and body becoming more fragile day by day. Having a caregiver there to assist will make it easier and keep their nerves calm. Also, if your loved one needs help with personal care, they probably need help with other things around the house, which the caregiver can assist with as well.

7. Seniors who are in Need of Around the Clock Care Don’t Qualify for Home Health Care

Many companies offer 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure around the clock care for seniors that need it. The provider you go with will provide caregivers to interchange from day shift to night shift to ensure that your loved one is never alone.

8. Home Health Care is Expensive

Every company has different prices, but many can work with your budget. Also, depending on if your loved one is a veteran, they can receive benefits for long term care or short term care. There are approved programs for any elderly adults who are on Medicaid or other insurance policies. There are ways for you to provide this type of care for your loved one.

9. You are the Primary Caregiver, and You Don’t Need Any Help

You shouldn’t have to spend all day every day caring for your loved one. It is a complicated process to handle a sick, loved one. There is a lot of emotions tied up with the whole situation. It would help if you had time for yourself to manage your things as well. It is not healthy to be the only one taking your loved one’s health head-on. Ask for help; hire some help. Your loved one will be better off, and you will have more time to do things for yourself too.


It can be nerve-wracking in hiring a caregiver. You want to be sure you’re hiring the best care for your loved one. But going about this the right way, you will. TLC Home Care can help you out with your loved one’s needs; with their talented staff, you are sure to have some of the most knowable caregivers ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved one.