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A Guide to Respite Care: Everything You Need to Know


Through respite care, family caregivers are able to “take a break” from the stress and worries of caregiving while still ensuring quality care for their loved ones.

When you are filling the role of a primary caregiver, you will find that running errands, visiting friends, or going on vacations may become mere aspirations you no longer have time for. With an excellent respite care service provided by TLC HomeCare, things can and will change for the better. With our help, you will not need to constantly worry about care or the lack of it. You will now have the opportunity to live your life with peace of mind.

Aside from giving primary caregivers an opportunity to take a break, respite care also allows seniors to interact with another individual in a safe and well-supported environment. It helps seniors accomplish their daily living activities, self-care tasks, and all the things they enjoy to fill their day.

Why Do You Need Respite Care?

It’s no secret that caring for an elderly or disabled loved one can take its toll on your health and well-being. While you may want to fulfill your responsibility in the best way possible, sometimes to the point of not asking for assistance, you also need to understand that accomplishing this non-stop may be affecting your health. Research has shown that up to 70% of family caregivers display the signs and symptoms of depression. Non-stop caregiving is also linked to deterioration of physical health in a significant percentage of family caregivers. The statistics should be enough to convince you to take advantage of respite care services right away. TLC HomeCare, a provider of senior home care, based in Burlington, Vermont, is always here to help. Call or drop by our office for questions and inquiries.

Through respite care, you can finally give yourself a well-deserved break, and a chance to accomplish the following things:

  • Look after YOUR needs, including your health and well-being, socialization, and much more.
  • Look after your loved one’s needs; making sure they are able to receive the care they deserve even in your temporary absence
  • Prevent caregiver “burn out” and feelings of frustration from taking root in your life
  • Allows you to recharge and recuperate
  • Helps improve your loved one’s health

It is said that, on average, a family caregiver spends 20 hours a week fulfilling the care of a loved one, and even double that time in many cases. You need to keep in mind that your life doesn’t stop when you start caring for an elderly or ill family member. Your other obligations and commitments, which are very important, do not disappear.

This blog also seeks to put emphasis on home health aides and how crucial they can be in the provision of respite care services. They can provide regular, daily support with the activities of daily living and improve the quality of life of your loved ones at home. In this way, you can focus on accomplishing other things that matter to you, knowing that your senior or disabled family members are safe and in good hands. If you happen to be looking for an exceptional home health aide in Vermont, don’t hesitate to call or pay a visit to TLC HomeCare.