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Common Causes of Wandering in Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Common Causes of Wandering in Seniors with Alzheimer's

Senior parents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are prone to wandering. They either wander outside of their house only to get lost or wander when they are with you. If they are receiving in-home care, then the risk of them leaving their home will be significantly reduced.

However, regardless if they already have a caregiver around, it will help if you understand why a senior with Alzheimer’s disease will wander. Here are the common causes of wandering in seniors with Alzheimer’s:

  • Fear and Confusion

    When a senior has Alzheimer’s, their cognitive functions will experience a decline. They’ll suffer from confusion and memory loss. The confusion will make them feel scared, and thus, want to escape. If they are receiving home care in Berlin, Vermont, their caregiver must have the right soft skills to calm them down.

  • Feeling Confined

    It is common for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease to feel agitated and restless frequently. Even if they have a companion or a caregiver offering senior care in Vermont, they’d still feel suffocated. They’d feel confined in the place they are living in that sometimes they’d want a change of environment. That will trigger their desire to wander.

  • Feelings of Searching

    Due to their illness, they may feel as if they’re missing something or someone. When the feeling intensifies, they’d want to go searching for that something or someone.

TLC HomeCare and our caregivers are the perfect partners for a senior parent who is prone to wandering. Trust in our home care service in Vermont. We always want what’s best for seniors.