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TLC Announces Exciting New Program

At TLC our staff means the world to us, and we continually strive to offer the very best in pay and benefits. We are pleased to announce some exciting new programs that we think you will like.
We have updated our website with new features for TLC employees. Please visit www.vtnursing.com

View My Paycheck – you will now be able to log in and see your paycheck on-line, anytime after midnight on Wednesdays of payday week, so if there is a question or anything is not accurate, it can be addressed and corrected before the check is issued. This allows you to budget more easily because you will know ahead of time how much your check will be. Visit the TLC website for more information. In order to get started you will need to be “invited”. We will be e-mailing everyone with the information in the next few days, so make sure we have your current e-mail address.
Visa Pay Card – this option offers a choice of how you receive your pay. If you don’t currently have a bank account, Visa Pay Card provides the convenience of having your check direct deposited, then using your card to pay bills, shop, buy gas, etc. It works just like a bank debit card. No more check cashing fees, and there are hundreds of ATMs throughout Vermont where you can withdraw cash with no fee. Your Pay Card also works like a Visa card and allows you to pay bills or shop on-line. Even if you have a bank account, Pay Card is very convenient, and your money is available sooner than through traditional direct deposit. There are no fees or minimum balance and you still enjoy the convenience of on-line access to your account. Visit our website for additional information, or call the office if you have questions.

Aflac Insurance – Most of you are probably familiar with Aflac (you’ve seen their commercials with the duck) and we are now able to offer you a variety of options through Aflac. These will be available starting May 15th, so check out the TLC website for links and additional information. And don’t forget, if you are a Vermont resident, TLC contributes to the state health insurance program through Catamount. Visit our website and follow the link to learn more. To sign up for Aflac please contact Brain Resnik at 802-598-5272 or via email at brian_resnik@us.aflac.com.
Available Shifts – With the transition to the new Generations software, some of the features that you were used to have changed. In the past you were able to view and sign up for shifts on-line through eRSP. That feature is not currently available with Generations; however, you can still view available shifts by visiting our website. Go to the Employee Resources tab, and on the drop-down menu select “Available Shifts”. This will bring up a calendar for the month. Then, simply e-mail or call the office and the scheduler will take care of the rest. The direct address for available shift is www.vtnursing.com/availableshifts

A Few Reminders – Don’t forget about the Better Than Vacation program that started on January 1st of this year. Every shift you work counts toward your vacation earnings. And, in case you didn’t know, our new “Bring A Buddy” referral program lets you earn up to $500 for each person you refer to TLC who is hired and stays with us for just 1 year. For additional information, visit the TLC website at www.tlcnursingassociates.com or www.vtnursing.com . And, you can now link directly from our website to Generations by clicking on the “Scheduling” tab in the top right hand corner of the homepage.

As always, please call the office at 802-735-1123 if you have questions.