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Fun Activities for the Seniors This Winter

Fun Activities for the Seniors This Winter

The cold months are coming. Keep yourself warm with these fun and engaging activities you can do with your senior loved one. Senior care in Vermont means more with TLC HomeCare. We oversee care and fun for your loved ones.

Home care service in Vermont attends to your loved one’s needs. At this time, it is understandable that they can feel bored or lonely with limited mobility or trips outside the home. However, you have the time and resources to make the home an engaging place without leaving while we do our home care in Berlin, Vermont.

Try dancing with your senior loved ones. There are many senior-friendly dances you can try. From the slower to faster pace, you can check your senior’s capacity to dance on the right rhythm. This is a good form of exercise for them. Indoor yoga is also possible. Aside from the physical benefits, the experience can be relaxing and stress-free.

Watching seasonal movies with themes for the upcoming season can bring the whole family together. Bring some popcorn and prepare some drinks. Simple activities such as these can make everyone feel excited and happy to be together.

You can now do more activities with your loved one while we deliver the in-home care you need.