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Grooming Habits for Seniors: Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

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Did you know?  Maintaining one’s personal hygiene is not just for grooming purposes. It’s also indicates that the person is in a good physical and mental condition such that they’re able to care for themselves. As we provide Senior Home Care in Burlington, Vermont, we ensure that our elderly clients are still well-groomed, overseeing their hygiene care thoroughly.

If you’re personally providing care for an aging loved one at home, let us share with you these grooming habits that every senior should practice. If they can no longer do these on their own, they can still do so with your assistance.

Seniors don’t necessarily need to take a bath every day, as their skin is already thinning, which can get irritated with consistent soap and brushing. However, they do need to wash certain parts of their body to maintain cleanliness, such as their hair, armpits, and private organs. Make sure that you still respect your loved one’s privacy when assisting them during their bathing time.

Oral hygiene is a basic protective measure for bad breath. During the aging years, dry mouth is a frequent occurrence and is a trigger for halitosis or bad breath. Aside from drinking water regularly, brushing the teeth after eating can reduce the amount of bacterial build-up as food residues are removed. With flossing, all these food residues between teeth can also be cleaned up.

Seniors need to maintain well-trimmed nails as long nails can wound their skin with a minor scratch. If they have diabetes, these little scratches can be difficult to heal, resulting in infection. A home health aide in Vermont can also provide this hygiene assistance to your aging loved one at home, especially if they have to undergo diabetes management.

The regular habit of washing your hands for at least 2 minutes can keep infections from starting and from spreading. This is also true for your Granny. Wash their hands just before eating, after they’ve touched soiled items, and as often as necessary. If you don’t know how long you should wash hands with soap and running water, try singing the Happy Birthday song twice. In the absence of soap and water, you can disinfect with an alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

The right amount of sleep provides a large contribution to the overall wellness of a senior loved one. With at least 8 hours of straight sleep each night, your loved one can easily recover from their stressful day and awaken in the morning with a fresher outlook the next day.

Are you oftentimes challenged with assisting your senior loved one in meeting their care needs? It’s not that you’re not willing – It’s just that your other responsibilities are demanding of your time. Don’t be anxious about this. Our team at TLC HomeCare can provide excellent home care services that your senior loved one deserves.

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