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How Coronavirus Could Change Home Health Care Forever

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As we all know, going to the hospitals these days is not a reasonable, attainable solution for people who are suffering from many ailments. Many people at home are too afraid of going to the hospital due to the pandemic, or they just got out of the hospital because of COVID-19 and need at-home treatment for the after-effects of being sick. Home health care can change because of this pandemic; we see it every day.

More nurses are needed within the home, and it is increasing as days go on. With people seeing the evils of nursing homes, many family members refuse to put their loved one who is sick in one. Instead, they are looking for someone to take care of them within the home or doing it themselves. Here are a few ways that the pandemic has changed home health care forever.

Demand, Demand, Demand

There is a significant demand for home care nurses across the country. Home health care is becoming one of the leading sources of receiving care these days. People who have had COVID-19 see long-term effects that are changing how they go about their everyday lives. Some are in more need than others. Because of these effects, home health care has jumped up significantly due to the lack of people going to nursing homes and hospitals.

We see a shortage of CNAs, LPS’s, and RN’s in this space because of this need. Many nurses who have had enough working in hospitals or have retired have turned to this intimate way of caring for people. It is a little quieter, slow pace, and you can connect with the patients personally.

Those who are getting their feet wet by going to school for a nursing career think about becoming a traveling nurse for home health care. When they get out of medical school, everyone is on the search for the best jobs in the most renowned hospitals. Do yourself a favor, think about all the people sitting at home right now suffering, who are too afraid to go to the hospital because of the pandemic, and all the older adults who are still trying to recover from the aftermath of having COVID-19. Think about the help they need. Think about becoming a traveling home care nurse

The Spread

Home health care is also a big spreader when it comes to COVID-19. Many nurses piece together a few homes in a day to make the total forty hours they need. So, they are seeing multiple families a day, which could cause harm to elderly patients. A few things can be done to prevent the spread as a traveling home care worker.

  • PPE is needed for those who work in homes.
  • There needs to be regular COVID-19 testing.
  • Traveling home care workers should get forty hours a week with paid sick leave if needed.
  • The job is already flexible, but there is more flexibility to be needed. Such as telehealth.
  • The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid need to stretch their meaning of ‘home health.’ This will help with overcrowding in nursing homes.
  • CMS needs to expand its meaning of ‘homebound’ so more people can qualify for home care services.
  • There needs to be more federal funding for health care workers.
  • More traveling nurses are needed to be recruited. Traveling nursing agencies require knowledgeable and experienced nurses to help them with covering clients with home care services.
  • There is a need for more people to go to school to become LPN’s, CNA’s, and RN’s to help with the shortage of nurses.
  • There need to be growth opportunities. Those who have been trained to care for a patient who had or had COVID-19, those individuals should be recognized and compensated.

As we enter our new normal, many nurses are being praised for their bravery and determination during this difficult time. Many of them are being rewarded by their local towns, peers, and employers for their dedication to their patients.

Becoming a home health care nurse will receive the same recognition, and probably on a greater level. Many patients out there require help with their underlying conditions, and those who have had COVID-19 and are trying to get through the aftermath of it all. There are only so many beds available within a hospital; nurses are needed within the home to control different situations, so they can use the empty beds for those who need them the most.

TLC Home Care can be your foot in the door to help the shortage of home care nurses nationwide. They are knowledgeable, experienced, and have significant assignments to offer.