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How to Help Seniors Deal with Depression and Isolation

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How to Help Seniors Deal with Depression and Isolation

Caring for an elderly parent doesn’t only mean finding a five-star provider of home care service in Vermont. Sometimes, you have to be there with them when they are feeling vulnerable and depressed, especially after going through a major life change.

If an elderly parent is dealing with isolation and depression, here are some of the best tips that you can take advantage of:

  • Pay attention to sleeping problems.
    Seniors, especially those who are already receiving senior care in Vermont, should deal with their sleeping problems as soon as possible. After all, not being able to sleep well can lead to several problems such as irritability and tiredness. It will eventually lead to depression. Help a senior deal with sleeping problems by keeping a regular schedule or using devices that can aid with sleeping.
  • Encourage social interaction and keep them physically active.
    Let the older adult participate in group outings and community events. Doing so can help maintain their social life despite their age, which can then consequently impact their mental, emotional, and physical health. They should also learn to do age-appropriate physical exercises to stay in solid shape.
  • Entrust them with chores.
    If an adult is accompanied by their chosen home health aide in Rutland, Vermont, that doesn’t mean that they should no longer do any chores around the house. You can still entrust them with some chores, not only to keep them physically active but also to give them a sense of meaning and purpose.

TLC HomeCare encourages everyone to take care of your elderly parents. We offer our in-home care services to assist you in caring for them. Call us and we’ll discuss your needs.