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Share Memorable Moments while They Can


One out of eight people living in the United States over the age of 65 has Alzheimer’s disease and almost 50% of those over 85 are suffering from the same disease. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder which causes deterioration of memory and the mental faculties. It has happened to a lot of people, and it can happen to you or your loved ones. For this reason, TLC Nursing Associates, LLC encourages every family, especially those which have senior citizens at home, to create valuable memories with your loved ones constantly.

Fun Time at the Kitchen
There is no other better place to create memories than at home. Yes, you have already shared both ugly and beautiful moments with your elderly parents in your home but having fun times at home is recommended for senior citizens who have already become physically weak.

Since cooking is a relatively easy task, you can encourage your parents to teach you some recipes they loved to cook before. Even if they’d already need In-Home Elderly Care Services then, assisting or guiding you would not affect their health.

Walk in the Park
Exercise is required for seniors, but those who already suffer from any type of disease are not allowed to do extraneous activities and are encouraged to go for a walk every day as a form of exercise. If your elderly loved one is one of them, you could make the daily walk as your bonding time.

Being busy should not be an excuse. You can always go for a walk on a safe trail in the park early in the morning, or if your schedule won’t really let you be with them on the weekdays, you can always accompany your older parent during the weekends.

Scrapbook the Moments
Nobody knows whether an individual will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or not. Although there are people who could be at higher risk of such disease, it could not be accurately predicted. Hence, sharing memories with our elderly loved ones every day would be a good practice and documenting these moments would be even better.

Give yourself and your senior loved ones something to look into when they get older through crafting a scrapbook together.

Go Classic with a Picnic
Who would not love going out to a park or lake and sharing fun conversations with the whole family? Your older parents might not have the courage to put it into words but they would surely love to go out on a picnic with the whole family.

It would even be great to invite all your other siblings and their families to the picnic so your parents can see them too. Also, even if your parents are already physically dependent, you won’t need to worry because you can always hire Home Health in Vermont to accompany them during your picnic.

Never make past misunderstandings hinder you from sharing precious moments with them. Alzheimer’s will covet those memories, so make sure to make thousands of them.