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Summer 2013 News Letter



Hi everyone! It’s that time again. Our next Mandatory Meetings are coming up in August, and we are doing something very special! We are having a barbeque!!!!! The Burlington events will be held at Oakledge Park on beautiful Lake Champlain (directions to follow) on Thursday, August 15th. Just like last time there are two options: The morning session will be from 10AM-1PM, or the afternoon session from 4PM-7PM. For you “southern folks”, the meeting will be on Thursday, August 22nd at Riverside Park in Lebanon from 11AM-2PM. We have great guest speakers, and we will be grilling burgers and dogs (including veggie options) and all the fixings so everyone can “lunch and learn”. We have reserved the Pavillions so the meetings will go on rain or shine. These are mandatory, so please let Courtney or Sue know which one you would like to attend. It is also a great opportunity to get to know other members of the TLC family, learn and share ideas. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR TLC BUCKS!!! We will be doing another auction and giving away some AWESOME PRIZES!!!! We’ll see you all in August!!


Please join us in welcoming Shaniece Trammell, the newest addition to the TLC staff. Shaniece is currently training with Courtney & Sue and will be our new weekend on-call coordinator. Shaniece has been an LNA for several years, having worked in both facilities and homecare settings, so she truly understands how hard everyone works. Please help her out by responding promptly to calls and broadcasts.


Watch your documentation: Be sure to follow the format that we reviewed at the last meeting. The client’s name should be on the top of every page, and be sure to sign and date the note at the end . Also remember ? this is a LEGAL document, so if you make an error, draw one line through and initial, and NEVER tear pages out of the client journal.
We have gotten better at clocking in and out, so THANK YOU to everyone for your efforts. There are still a few who are not using telephony so please, whatever you need to do to remind yourself, it is essential that you clock in and out of every shift. Also, please DO NOT CLOCK IN LATE ? if you forgot or couldn’t clock in at the start of your shift, CALL THE OFFICE and let us know. If you clock in late, we can’t bill the client and you don’t get paid for the time. Also remember, if you are staffing in a facility and using paper timesheets, they are due in the office by 9AM on Monday mornings. If timesheets are late billing is delayed which can also delay payroll. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!