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The Importance of Becoming a Home Care Nurse: 6 Reasons Why

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Hospitals, everyone thinks, are where most nurses need to be, especially with what is going on in our country today, but they are not the only medical industry places that need help. With a shortage of nurses, people who need help at home are struggling to do daily activities.

Yes, becoming a hospital nurse is essential and an experience that can further your career, but working within the home is impressive. It can also further your career. Home care is one of the most leading professions to date. Due to the lack of new nursing home admissions, more people are keeping their loved ones home, but they still need care.

That’s where you come in; as a nurse, if you have ever encountered becoming a home care nurse, you should think about it again. The flexibility, the one on one care, the ability to have downtime are just a few of the benefits of pivoting your career into the home. Here is the importance of becoming a home care nurse.

6 Reasons Why Home Care Nurses are Important

Every nurse, especially newly graduated nurses, want to be where all the actions are. At a fast pace, you have a set schedule, job security, etc. There are plenty of benefits to becoming a hospital nurse, but what about home care nursing? What are the benefits of that? Here are the 6 reasons why becoming a home care nurse is essential.

The Families

As a nurse inside a hospital, you don’t get to spend too much time with the people who have shaped your patients into who they are today. As a home care nurse, you get to have one on one time with the elder, as well as their families. You’re not only helping the elder but the families as well.

It is difficult for any family member to leave their loved one home while they go to work. Having a nurse at home helps ease their mind and helps them get through the day without a worry that their elder is okay.


As a hospital nurse, you don’t get to know who you are working with; plus, having nine or more patients per shift is challenging. As a home care nurse, you get to learn the person you are caring for; building a strong relationship with that person doesn’t just help you, but it helps them. They have someone to talk to, share their experiences with, and aren’t lonely while their loved ones are at work.


All elders want is to feel as if they have a purpose. Giving up their similarities, daily activities that they are used to doing every day can be challenging. If the elder ends up in a nursing home, then they will end up losing their independence.

Depending on their condition, with a home care nurse, they can perform every activity with a little help from their best friend. They will be more likely to do activities like bathing or dressing more reluctantly, rather than if they were to do it by themselves. A lot of elders want to be fully independent, but they are fearful of becoming hurt. So, as a nurse, you give them that independence with being that person to fall back on.

Up to date Medical Records

One of the jobs as a nurse within the home is to keep the medical records up to date for their regular doctor. On a day to day basis, you will be logging how they are doing, any conditions that have changed. With up to date logging, you are ensuring that their care is monitored. This not only helps the doctor but the patients as well. It will keep a detailed log of maintenance just in case health was to decline.


You have the freedom to use innovative ways to care for your elder. Rather than going through a process, being watched and talking to someone about the care you are giving the elder, you have the freedom to treat them in positive and impactful ways that will help their condition. This helps with confidence, as well as keeps trust with the elder and family. When you know what to do without checking with a superior, it keeps the family trusting your judgment and care. Of course, if the situation becomes one that you cannot handle, then, of course, reach out for help.


Nurses are needed in hospitals, but they are also required within the home. It is important to consider becoming an in-home care nurse to better your career, keep your schedule flexible, and help elders who are too fearful of going into the hospital for their condition. TLC Home Care is the place to start your look; with a knowledgeable staff and great families that they work with, you will feel right at home while growing your career.