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Top Benefits of the Active Lifestyle for Seniors


Even in the aging years, maintaining an active lifestyle holds great benefits for us. If your senior loved one prefers to stay at home, encourage them to get out of the house and take a walk even for a brief time (15-30 minutes). If they are concerned about their safety or balance while outside, a home health aide or a caregiver in Vermont or a Caregiver in New Hampshire can accompany them on their walk.

Doing regular exercises is essential for the overall health of our senior loved ones. Consider the following:

Prevent Health Risks
Doing exercises on a regular basis helps flush out unhealthy sugar and cholesterol. The more active the body is, the more it can use up our sugar stores so they can be released. For this reason, people diagnosed with chronic ailments are encouraged to start an active lifestyle. When seniors exercise every day, their risks of acquiring complications with chronic illnesses are reduced.

Prevent Falls
Exercises can also improve one’s strength and flexibility. Physical exercise can help gain strength and balance to protect a person from falling. For our senior loved ones, falls can be a hazardous incident. But falls can be prevented when they are strong enough to keep themselves balanced and steady.

Enhanced Mental Well-Being
Exercises are also helpful in the release of the so-called “happy hormones.” Whether you are exercising alone or with a companion providing Senior Home Care in Burlington, Vermont, physical exercises can greatly contribute to your overall mental health.

Meeting New Friends
Socialization is also an important element in your senior years. When you are regularly interacting with others, your chances of feeling isolated and depressed are reduced. You will have the opportunity to engage in regular conversations that can sharpen your cognition and memory. You may meet others who exercise, and get the opportunity to meet fellow seniors or other health enthusiasts who are also focused on wellness.

Improved Cognition
As you spend time doing exercises, you also improve your motor skills. These movements can support the regular communication of brain neurons, which are also essential in the strengthening of your cognitive ability. When you’re physically active, you will have more opportunity to improve your memory, and engage in conversations to improve your health.

There is no denying that having an active lifestyle is truly beneficial for people of all ages. However, some seniors may not be keen on doing this due to mobility issues. This is where providers of home care services can be of great assistance to them. When your loved one needs some companionship in doing exercises, or when they want to ensure that their home is well-cleaned, or would appreciate a healthy meal when they get home after exercise, care providers can make this happen for them.