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Which rose color should you give your Mom?


Mother’s Day is coming and all flower shops are already looking forward to that day.

Are you looking forward to it too? You should!

Your mother deserves to be honored on their special day. If you are also a Mom, you would already understand how tough it is to become one. Mothers do not only look after themselves, they also look after your Dad, your siblings and you. In fact, they even worry about your spouse and your children. That’s just how they are and nobody can take that trait from them.
So this coming May, TLC Nursing Associates, LLC strongly opines that you should treat them out and give them something special. One of the most endearing present you can give them is a bouquet of roses.

Do you know that each color of roses means differently?

  • Red, for Love. Sending red roses has been a time-honored manner of saying “I love you.” and this color choice would be a perfect way to convey to your mother how much you feel about them. If you are the type of child who does not always use words in communicating how you feel, buying a flower arrangement full of red roses would be the best option.
  • Yellow, for Joy and Delight. Yellow roses create a feeling of happiness and warmth. This color choice would be an ideal option for mothers who have been suffering from isolation or depression lately and already need Home Health Care Services. On the other hand, you can also send your mother a bouquet of yellow roses to depict how cheerful she is and how she has made your life brighter through her mere presence.
  • Lavender, for Enchantment and Majesty. The color lavender has been classically associated with royalty and lavender roses would be a good option for mothers who love to be treated with majesty. Giving your Mom lavender roses could also mean that she is the only queen in your life and it will forever be that way.
  • Pink, for Gratitude and Appreciation. Pink is a color of grace, elegance and admiration. Sending pink roses to a person is widely known as a way of saying “Thank you.” to the recipient. Thus, if you have had no opportunity to tell your mother how grateful you are for having her, make sure to send her pink roses this Mother’s Day.
  • Green, for Renewal of Life and Energy. Green is the color of life so it signifies constant renewal of life and energy. For children whose mothers have been recently diagnosed with some disease, who are currently healing or have already been healed, an arrangement filled with green roses would be an appropriate gift for your Mom.

We haven’t given as much as our mothers have given to us. Celebrating Mother’s Day with our mothers would then be the suitable avenue for us to show them how lucky we are to have them. Do not miss this chance and with the help of your mother’s provider of Home Health Care in Vermont, surprise them with roses.