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Why Caregiving and Home Care is More Relevant than Ever

woman helping senior woman to cook

Caring for others, especially older adults with comorbidities, is not an easy task that can be done by untrained professionals. Seniors with mobility restrictions are dependent on others for little things, from making their food to washing their faces. They always need someone who can help them do their regular work.
Unfortunately, it has become even more challenging to care for the elderly in these times. The Coronavirus outbreak is drastically affecting every aspect of our lives –caring for elders is no different. Note that seniors are more prone to the virus because of their overall health conditions and comorbidities. Because of their serious health concerns and vulnerability to viral diseases, they may need a caregiver.
Well, that is not the only reason that makes home care a top concern. Many other factors make home care and caregiving for the elderly more relevant than ever, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Is Care for Elderly Important Nowadays?
• Maintaining Hygiene of Elders
During this time of deadly virus outbreak, everyone needs to maintain proper hygiene. Unfortunately, seniors are more susceptible to COVID-19 because of their overall health conditions and comorbidities. However, it is hard for the older New Englanders to request the help that they need on their own. But it is the responsibility of a family to make ways to help their adults.
In this case, professional caregivers like the ones offered by TLC HomeCare can reduce your worries by providing personal care to the senior. Caregivers can assist them with a proper bath, clean their hands often, and prepare and serve healthy meals. Not only this, to protect older adults from the virus, they also work hard to disinfect every place in the home. They will wipe down all the commonly used surfaces such as countertops to doorknobs and switches.

• Minimizing the Stress coming from Social Distancing
Stress does not only affect the behavior of a person, but it also affects the functions of the human body. The hormones produced by stress cause disturbance in your brain, which can lead to physical and mental health problems such as high blood pressure, increased heart rate, anxiety, and or depression. These hormones can also prevent your immune system from working properly.
COVID-19 has forced all of us and our seniors to live within our homes. Isolation increases the risk of stress, so seniors need someone to engage with them and cheer them actively. Caregivers should have the knowhow to help older adults cope with stress and anxiety.

• Looking for Worsening Symptoms
You cannot say when and where a person can become afflicted with the Coronavirus. But one thing is sure that people who are weak and are already battling other chronic or acute health conditions are at an increased risk of contracting the virus. Unfortunately, seniors are one of them.
Caregivers in this situation are concerned about the seniors’ health more than ever before. Organizations like TLC HomeCare have trained their caregivers to help older adults in the best possible manner with all precautions during the Coronavirus outbreak. They keep an eye on the existing health problems of seniors as well as look for the symptoms of COVID-19 regularly.
Caregivers monitor the symptoms like trouble breathing, continuous pressure or pain in the chest, fever, persistent coughing and sneezing, and bluish lips in the seniors. If they sense anything out of the ordinary, they will reach out to their nurse case managers to address this concern immediately.

• Preventing the Virus
The caregivers’ primary purpose is to cater to the wellbeing and the health of seniors. They can assist with a nutritious diet as well as help follow any dietary restrictions placed by their doctor due to current health problems.
In this time of Coronavirus, elders need a healthy diet to keep their immune system strong. Our immune system is the primary tool to defend our bodies and defeat Coronavirus. Caregivers can assist in preparing immune-boosting meals with green vegetables, citrus fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices for seniors. Proper hydration is another component of a healthy diet. Caregivers can keep seniors hydrated by reminding them to drink fluids throughout the day as well as helping them reduce caffeine intake.
A proper good night’s sleep and afternoon siestas are also essential for seniors to keep their immune system strong. A caregiver can help to create a schedule to make sure seniors are getting proper sleep and rest periods.

• Communication While Practicing Social Distancing
No matter what your age is, you always need someone beside you with whom you can share your happiness and sorrow. Not to mention, you need a listening partner the most when you grow older.
However, seniors cannot meet their friends or enjoy their company because of social distancing nowadays. In this case, caregivers are best to provide them with comfort and become their companions.
Caregivers can be there companion. If a senior like to play trivia games or word challenges, play scrabble and dominoes with them. Seniors with a green thumb are more inclined towards gardening and stitching. If you both are a fan of “The Beatles,” then enjoy the rhythms together.
Involve them in any activity, which reduces their boredom and loneliness, such as yoga and philanthropy. Older adults will also love to engage in something with an extrovert if you are one because the older you get, the more talkative company you enjoy.

Bottom Line
Now you know why care for the elderly is vital during this time of the pandemic. Caregivers have the expertise to help older adults in all circumstances. So, if you have a senior at home, a caregiver can look after all their needs and prevent them from the virus.