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Why Home Care is a Better Option for Seniors than Assisted Living


As seniors age, there will be a point in time when they can no longer care for themselves. This makes it important for family members to act right away and choose the best care options for their loved ones. While assisted living has its own benefits, families believe TLC HomeCare, is a more beneficial choice for the following reasons:

Seniors Get Personalized Care in the Comfort of their Home
Seniors in assisted living facilities are cared for by caregivers assigned to many residents. However, those who age in place under the care of an experienced home health caregiver in Vermont, get more focused and individualized care. Thus, seniors get personalized assistance with personal care, housekeeping, transportation, grocery shopping, and other tasks. This ensures that their needs are met while they stay in a clean and hygienic environment that is familiar and comfortable.

Seniors Don’t Have to be Away from their Families
Home care allows senior couples to live together in their home even if one of them needs more help than the other. It also allows families members to easily visit their loved ones without the need to arrange visits around unfamiliar facility schedules. Assisted living facilities typically have visiting hours that limit the times when a visit can be made. Professional caregivers from TLC HomeCare Services, Inc. can communicate with distant family members to keep them informed of their loved ones’ conditions.

Seniors Get their Money’s Worth
While home care services still come at a cost, it is generally more affordable to pay a caregiver for being with seniors in their own home than to pay rent at an assisted living facility every month. With the personalized care they get through home care, seniors get their money’s worth.

Seniors Maintain their Independence
Being in a familiar environment allows seniors the independence they desire with ease and peace of mind. Assisted living facilities set rules in place that seniors may find difficult to adapt to – thereby limiting their independence. With assistance from TLC caregivers, seniors can freely make important decisions and choices to maintain their dignity and sense of independence.
Being independent in their own home for years (sometimes decades), has allowed seniors to cling to the memories of families and the good times in their lives . Because of such attachments, being moved to an assisted living facility can result in some emotional distress. Consider in-home care – since it helps seniors age in a place filled with happy memories and to be surrounded by loved ones and community members they have known for many years. It is particularly essential for seniors with dementia to live in a familiar environment.

If you want to know how our home care services can benefit you or your loved one, please give us a call today. Our caregivers are trained to manage a variety of tasks that seniors may need help with.