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Why Is Companionship Crucial for Seniors?

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It goes without saying that genuine friendship brings people Happiness. Regardless of what phase in life we may find ourselves, companionship is always something we are going to look for and need. As humans, we crave a connection with other people; to have someone to talk to, listen to, and share stories with. This connection becomes even more important as we grow older.

According to reliable findings, companionship care has been staving off symptoms of depression in seniors.

There’s actually a difference between being a caregiver and being a companion; to accomplish optimal and reliable results, you or anyone you assign to look after a senior family member should display the attitudes of both. It is important that you encourage your loved ones to celebrate their lives and accomplishments; to engage in life, and not merely let it pass them by.

Companionship is all about maintaining a bond of friendship with an individual that goes beyond the normal routine of caregiving. You’ll find that reputable agencies like TLC HomeCare, provide companionship care among a host of other home care services, based out of Burlington, Vermont. Make sure to drop by or give us a call with your inquiries or requests.

Research has maintained that friendships are critical for seniors because they help achieve stable mental health. It gives individuals a feeling of worth, belonging, and happiness. Naturally, this is something you would want for your elderly loved ones at home. It does not feel good being cooped up at home without anyone to talk to – a caregiver is one solution; but a friend, who also happens to be an amazing caregiver? Now that individual would be indispensable.

How Companionship Care Can Save a Life

Among the other major positive impacts of companionship care, is saving lives. A research explanation reveals that being in regular contact with other people and maintaining that connection increases the chances of those friends noticing changes that may occur; any signs that a problem might be brewing.

No matter what age you are, especially when you are older, you need someone you can call a friend, confidant, and companion. Among all the roles your caregiver fills, this is perhaps the most important. For further details on companionship and the many ways to achieve optimal care at home, please contact TLC HomeCare, a premier provider of senior home care, based in Burlington, Vermont.