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24 Hour Home Health Aide in Vermont

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There are many types of home health aide positions out on the market today, such as scheduled daily shifts, night shifts, and 24-hour shifts. Of course, a 24-hour shift-type nurse has to have the availability and flexibility to do these shifts. They can be scheduled at a moment’s notice, and as a nurse, you need … Read more

How to Be Sure If a Caregiver is not the Right Fit

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Not every caregiver will be the right fit; sometimes. It doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault, but it is essential to find someone who can build a relationship with your loved one and you as a family member. There are times when it just takes a little getting used to, especially if your elderly family … Read more

How to Select the Best Home Care Provider for your Loved One in Vermont and New Hampshire Area

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How to Select the Best Home Care Provider for your Loved One in Vermont and New Hampshire Area.

There is no way for you to avoid it; we all get older. As we get older, we begin to forget or are unable to do day to day tasks by ourselves anymore. All persons are different, and each requires care at other times. Finding the right person to attend to your loved one can be stressful. How can you be sure the provider you hire is up to the task? Here are a few tips to help you hire the best home care provider in the Vermont and New Hampshire areas.

Your Loved One’s Doctor, Friends, and Other Family Members

Your doctor will provide the type of medical help your loved one needs and recommend locating the most effective caregiver. Besides, it is smart to include the physician from the beginning because their assistance may be required later. Involving family and friends is one of the most important things to do while acquiring home health care. They may put more input into the deciding factors and may know certain things that your loved one loves to do and needs daily.

What Are Your In-Home Care Needs?

To start, you want to go through your loved ones’ daily living (ADL) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) to ensure pinpointing the correct care needed.

ADL Self-Care Tasks:

● Hygiene and grooming
● Bathing or showering
● Getting dressed
● Toilet hygiene
● Getting around the home
● Eating

What is Your Budget?

You need to know what you can afford to pay for a home health care provider. Of course, depending on your loved one’s situation, they may qualify for additional funds such as Medicare, Medicaid, other health insurance providers, or long-term disability insurance.

Finding a Home Healthcare Provider

One of the most qualified home care providers in the Vermont and New Hampshire area is TLC Home Care. They are fully equipped with the knowledge, a talented team, and resources to provide the best care for your loved one. Their team is well trained to provide your family member a longer, healthier, and independent life. On their website, you can see all their services and how to contact them for further information.

How to Help Your Senior Loved One Get Better Sleep

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How to Help Your Senior Loved One Get Better Sleep
Sleep is vital to us all, but as we age, it becomes harder to get the seven to nine hours of shuteye that most healthy adults require. Particularly in the elderly, the amount of time spent in deep sleep (the most refreshing stage of sleep) decreases – in part because the body produces lower levels of growth hormones.
Stay active
Even if seniors aren’t able to stay physically active, keeping mentally fit can help when it’s time to hit the hay.
Avoid naps late in the day
It’s important to avoid napping too late in the day; however, as this can result in insomnia at bedtime.
Create a bedtime routine
The most important thing is to start and stick to the routine as often as possible.
Power off screens
The blue light emitted by most electronics signals our brains that it’s time to wake up. Blue light-blocking glasses are also available to help filter out these rays in the hours prior to turning in.
Optimize temperature
The best room temperature for sleep is around sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine
Individuals who consume alcohol before bed are also more likely to experience a decrease in sleep quality and disruptions to sleep.
Seek medical help
If you’ve ruled out other possible causes of insomnia or trouble getting quality sleep, it may be time to seek advice from a medical professional.
• Sleep apnea
• Movement disorders

There are many other illnesses and conditions that may interfere with sleep, and it’s always best to check with a medical professional as to the best course of action if a problem is suspected.

6 Important Signs that Seniors Needs Help at Home

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One of the hardest things to accept as we age is when we can no longer do things that we once took for granted. From driving to meal planning and preparation, seniors often need additional help, but it can be hard to admit when your senior loved one needs help at home, especially when that also means decreased independence and autonomy. Many people struggle to recognize that their abilities have changed and to ask for help, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. Here are some signs to watch for and what you can do if your senior loved one needs more in-home help than they currently receive.

Virtual Tours for Your Home bound Senior Loved One

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With the world largely at a standstill when it comes to leisure travel, particularly for seniors and those with underlying medical conditions, it can be frustrating and disappointing for those who love to see the sights. For seniors who are unable to leave their homes, this can be especially hard. But did you know that … Read more

Why Being a Caregiver is More Than a Career

Why Being a Caregiver is More Than a Career

Why Being a Caregiver is More Than a Career
As our aging population continues to grow with baby boomers reaching their golden years, caregivers are in more demand than ever before. If you or your loved one are in need of in-home senior care or assistance, whatever the reason, you want to know that you are in trusted, compassionate hands. If a family member isn’t able to fill the role of caregiver, though, where do you turn?

A trusted caregiver will see their position as more than a job. They will see it as a commitment and a calling. Here’s why.

Caregivers make a difference
Caregiving is rewarding
Caregivers are appreciated
Caregiving is a commitment
TLC Homecare’s commitment
A quality home health care agency can provide the trust, caring, and commitment you deserve.
Here are just a few of the reasons to consider TLC Homecare.

• Certified nurses
• High-quality training
• Community trust
• Comprehensive services
• Peace of mind

TLC Homecare truly believes that there is no better place than home to receive care. It’s not just a catchphrase or slogan, it’s something TLC was built around. From quality, committed caregivers, to trusted management and oversight, TLC is an agency you can depend on now and for years to come.

Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Dementia

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Home Safety Tips for Seniors with Dementia
Every three seconds, someone in the world develops dementia. By the year 2030, it is expected that seventy five million people will suffer from dementia worldwide. Chances are that you yourself know someone who has memory troubles or suffers from a disease like Alzheimer’s. With the issue being so common, it’s important to know what to do in terms of safety for your loved one who has dementia or a related condition.

How to Build Strong Relationships Between Seniors and Caregivers

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How to Build Strong Relationships Between Seniors and Caregivers
If you’re looking for quality in-home senior care for yourself or a loved one, one of the most important factors to consider is the relationship between caregiver and client. Usually, our gut does a good job of letting us know our feelings about a person. From the first meeting, you may have a sense of comfort and easiness with the person who will be playing such an important role in you or your loved one’s life. If not, it’s perfectly OK to keep looking. When you do decide on a home healthcare agency, here are some things you can do to make sure that the relationship between caregiver and senior not only grows but thrives.
Choose the right caregiver and/ or agency
First thing’s first. You may be wondering how to go about choosing the right caregiver or agency for you or your loved one. Important factors to consider include:
Quality staff –
Create trust
Ask for help
Work on good communication
Avoid micromanaging
Be patient
Ask questions
Spend time together

Activities and Tips to Keep Homebound Seniors Mentally Fit

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Activities and Tips to Keep Homebound Seniors Mentally Fit

With more of us spending time at home than ever before, it’s only natural for boredom to creep in, especially for seniors, who are especially prone to loneliness, depression, and memory loss. The good news is that there are some great ways to keep older minds sharp and mentally fit. Research has even shown that some brain-building activities can even reverse memory loss and reduce depression. Read on for ideas, brain benefits, and more! Topics covered in this article includes:

Taking a class
Reading or listening to a book
Puzzles and games
Make music
Arts and crafts
Get quality sleep